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  • 4-6-Inch Choice Grade Koi Packages


    (13 Reviews)

    …water garden. We take the guesswork out of building a koi collection and handpick koi that are pleasing to the eye. Each package is unique and is quarantined prior to packing before they are air delivered to your home. Bulk packages are available in 8-pack 12-pack or 16-pack. All live koi packages…
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    $189.99 - 299.99
  • Live Koi Packages - Platinum

    …Packages includes 2 Choice Long Fin/Butterfly Koi and 2 Elite Standard Fin Koi that are between 10-12 inches long. Each koi is hand-picked quarantined and treated so you will receive only the best koi delivered directly to your door. As a result you can enjoy the benefits of beautiful high-quality…
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  • …but may not be enough for the size of your pond. Consider placing an aeration kit at the opposite end of a waterfall. Quarantine Newbies Before adding new fish into the pond quarantine them in a separate tank and look for any signs of disease for two to four weeks. You can also apply a preventative…
    …like Staple Fish Food into the pond. That'll bring them to the surface! A word of advice: Before adding new fish to your pond remember to quarantine them for a week or two in a separate tub to be sure they don't have any parasites or fungal infections that could infect the rest of your population.…
    …vigorous aeration. Place the fish in the tank for 5 to 10 minutes and monitor closely for any signs of stress. From there move it gently to a quarantine tank for another 30 minutes and continue to monitor for any issues. Finally return it to the pond.Next Steps That's all we have for this one so…
  • 6-8-Inch Choice Grade Koi Packages


    (8 Reviews)

    …with 6-8 Choice Grade Koi Packages. Each package contains a nice unique mixture of koi that complement each other. Each koi is examined and quarantined prior to shipment to ensure they arrive at your home safely. All live Koi packages are intended for ponds no less than 2000 gallons that contain…
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    $229.99 - 619.99
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