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Raccoons Eating Fish

    …alligator decoys work near the shoreline or in water. Raccoons Though raccoons love to eat mice insects and tasty fruits and vegetables the opportunistic water-loving critters will happily take a dive in your lake to hunt for crayfish fish turtles frogs and worms. They will use their lightning-fast…
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    * Stop Predators From Eating Your Fish * Protect Pond From Falling Debris * 1/2 Mesh Netting Allows For Maximum Visibility Atlantic Pond & Water Garden Protector Net keeps leaves and other windblown debris out of your pond or water garden. This pond and water garden net cover makes an ideal instant…
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  • fish. These aquatic critters use the plants for all sorts of things:* Nesting Spot: Red-winged blackbirds often use cattails for a perching and nesting spot. Waterfowl like mallards and Canadian geese also use the tall tightly bunched leaves and stalks for nesting. Turkeys - as well as deer raccoon