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Rave Attachment

  • RAVE Sports Slidewalk

    …Water Trampoline or Bongo Water Bouncer with the Slidewalk by RAVE Sports to complete your water park experience! The Slidewalk can be used to connect two or more water trampolines or water bouncers or use it as a single attachment as a larger than life slip n' slide! Made from durable yellow/blue…
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  • RAVE Sports Aqua Beam

    * Connects To RAVE's Activity Island * Balance Beam on the Water * UV Treated Anti-Mold and Mildew Inflatable RAVE Sports Aqua Beam lets you practice your balance on the water! This inflatable attachment connects to RAVE Sport's Activity Island and is made for a minimum depth of 4'. Features…
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    $499.99 - 589.99
  • RAVE Sports Aqua Log

    * Connects to RAVE's Water Trampolines & Bouncers * Test Your Balance Against Friends * Add Waterfront Property Excitement RAVE Sports Aqua Log attachment keeps the excitement going by daring you to walk without getting wet. Challenge your family and friends to a balance test and see who can…
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    $419.99 - 589.99
  • RAVE Sports Aqua Slide

    * Connects To RAVE's Trampolines & Bouncers * Quality Materials Made To Last * Slide & Into Your Pond Or Lake The Aqua Slide delivers a rip-roarin' descent to make a huge splash. RAVE Sports Aqua Slide attaches anywhere on the Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline and the Bongo Bouncer by…
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    $499.99 - 749.99
  • RAVE Sports Water Whoosh


    (1 Reviews)

    …Whoosh is available in three sizes 10' 15' and 20' but you can connect them together to create an endless track. The 20' can also be used as an attachment to the Aqua Jump or Bongo. The inflatable water mat is 5' wide and includes a double action hand pump to quickly and easily inflate the unit fold…
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    $699.99 - 1099.99
  • RAVE Sports Aqua Launch

    * Soar Across The Water * Fun For The Whole Family * Limited Lifetime Warranty If you've ever dreamed of flying the 11' Aqua Launch is your ticket! Create smiles laughs and lasting memories by sending your friends and family soaring through the air and across the water this summer. Constructed with…
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    $579.99 - 669.99
  • RAVE Sports Walk The Plank

    …Trampoline & Bouncer Attachment * Balance Beam With a 6' Drop * Inflatable Water Sport Toy Add fun and excitement to your waterfront property this summer by attaching Walk The Plank to the Aqua Jump Eclipse (model 150 or 200) or the Bongo Bouncer (model 15 or 20). RAVE Sports Walk the Plank…
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  • RAVE Sports Spin Wheel with Bongo 13

    * Fun For All Ages Up To 15 Users * Spinning Running Track * Includes Water Bouncer RAVE Sports Spin Wheel and attached Bongo13 Water Bouncer will add fun and excitement to any water front property. The lightweight portable water bouncer sets in the center of a low profile spinning running track…
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  • RAVE Sports Turbo Chute 6' Start Ramp

    …fun on the slippery RAVE Sports Turbo Chute Start Ramp. The ramp provides extra padding at the start of your Turbo Chute Slide for extra rider safety or it can be used as an end section in the pond or lake for added buoyancy. The PVC coated nylon inflatable start ramp attaches with overlapping…
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  • Bongo Bouncer Water Park


    (2 Reviews)

    …Bounce tumble and splash into your pond or lake this summer. The RAVE Sports Bongo Water Park is ideal for water front properties ponds and lakes that are at least 10' deep. Water park includes the Bongo Bouncer and fun attachments such as the Aqua Slide Aqua Log and Aqua Launch. The Bongo 10 and…
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    $1499.99 - 3799.99
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