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Rave Sports

  • RAVE Sports® Bongo™ Bouncer

    …Yellow/Blue or Northwoods Green/Tan. Available in 10, 13', 15' and 20' diameter sizes. Looking for more fun? Connect the RAVE Sports® Bongo™ Bouncer to RAVE Sports® Aqua Launch™, Aqua Slide™, Aqua Log™, Slidewalk™ and Water Whoosh™ to create a water park…
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    $849.99 - 2299.99
  • Turbo Chute™ Extreme 60' Lake Package

    * 60' Extreme Slip n' Slide * Skim Across Ponds & Lakes * Ideal For Racing Against Friends RAVE Sports® Turbo Chute™ Extreme 60' Lake Package is not your typical backyard slip n' slide. The 60' Long slide is a a commercial strength slide that features PVC coated nylon inflatable wall…
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  • RAVE Sports Aqua Beam™

    * Connects To RAVE's Activity Island * Balance Beam on the Water * UV Treated, Anti-Mold and Mildew Inflatable RAVE Sports Aqua Beam™ lets you practice your balance on the water! This inflatable attachment connects to RAVE Sport's Activity Island and is made for a minimum depth of 4'. Features…
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    $399.99 - 479.99
  • RAVE Sports® Slidewalk™

    * Connects To RAVE's Trampolines & Bouncers * Complete Your Water Park * Large Slip n' Slide Connect your Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ Water Trampoline or Bongo™ Water Bouncer with the Slidewalk™ by RAVE Sports® to complete your water park experience! The Slidewalk™ can be…
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  • RAVE Sports® Aqua Log™

    * Connects To RAVE's Water Trampolines & Bouncers * Test Your Balance Against Friends * Add Waterfront Property Excitement RAVE Sports® Aqua Log™ attachment keeps the excitement going by daring you to walk without getting wet. Challenge your family and friends to a balance test and see…
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    $319.99 - 479.99
  • RAVE Sports® Aqua Launch™

    * Soar Across The Water * Fun For The Whole Family * Limited Lifetime Warranty If you've ever dreamed of flying, the 11' Aqua Launch™ is your ticket! Create smiles, laughs and lasting memories by sending your friends and family soaring through the air and across the water this summer.…
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    $479.99 - 559.99
  • Bongo™ Bouncer Water Park

    …Ponds & Lakes * Create Your Own Water Park * Safe, Fun & Durable Bounce, tumble and splash into your pond or lake this summer. The RAVE Sports® Bongo™ Water Park is ideal for water front properties, ponds and lakes that are at least 10' deep. Water park includes the Bongo™…
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    $1299.99 - 3299.99
  • RAVE Sports® 7' Iceberg™

    * Great For Ponds & Lakes * Inflatable Climbing Wall & Slide * Perfect For The Whole Family RAVE Sports® 7' Iceberg™ is a great addition to any pond, lake or large pools this summer. Balance and coordination are tested as you climb on top the 7' inflatable climbing wall and then…
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  • RAVE Sports® Aqua Slide™

    * Connects To RAVE's Trampolines & Bouncers * Quality Materials Made To Last * Slide & Into Your Pond Or Lake The Aqua Slide™ delivers a rip-roarin' descent to make a huge splash. RAVE Sports® Aqua Slide™ attaches anywhere on the Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ Water Trampoline…
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    $399.99 - 639.99
  • RAVE Sports® Water Whoosh™

    * Commercial Grade Inflatable Activity Mat * Compact For Easy Portability & Storage * Ideal For Slip n' Slide, Wakeboard Platform Or Relaxing Constructed of durable, yet flexible drop-stitch material, the Water Whoosh™ can be a slip and slide on the water, a water ski or wakeboard starting…
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    $599.99 - 999.99
  • RAVE Sports® Walk The Plank™

    …With a 6' Drop * Inflatable Water Sport Toy Add fun and excitement to your waterfront property this summer by attaching Walk The Plank™ to the Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ (model 150 or 200) or the Bongo™ Bouncer (model 15 or 20). RAVE Sports® Walk the Plank™ features a 6'…
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  • RAVE Sports® Turbo Chute™ Sled

    * Ideal For Any Turbo Chute™ Slide * Padded Inflatable Tube * Stores Quickly & Easily RAVE Sports® Turbo Chute™ Sled is required for use with any Turbo Chute™ Slide or Extreme Water Slide for an extra slippery ride. The Turbo Chute™ Sled provides riders with a safe,…
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