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Red Eye

  • Nite Guard Solar


    (20 Reviews)

    …predators with the Nite Guard Solar® predator deterrent. Animals that hunt and feed at night interpret the flashing red LED light on the Nite Guard Solar animal repeller to be the eye of another predator which causes unease and an urge to flee the area. The Nite Guard Solar utilizes a solar panel…
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  • …To prevent this from happening add a bottom diffused aeration kit to circulate the entire pond. * Pop Eye: Eyes can become cloudy or reddish in color but the most common sign is when the eyes start to bulge out of the sockets. Poor water conditions and trauma are common causes but in rare cases…
  • Aqua Control 9 Watt RGB Color Changing LED Light Kits

    …that connect to the Aqua Control Evolution Fountain Series. The RGB LED Light Kits changes between Red Green Blue and color mixtures of the three in a sequence that lasts over 3 minutes. These eye catching lights are the perfect touch for an Evolution Fountain that you want noticed in a big way!…
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    $845.10 - 1151.10
  • API MelaFix Antibacterial Remedy


    (7 Reviews)

    …of symptoms including split and ragged fins. The fish's eyes may become coated with a whitish slime or protrude from the head. Bacterial infections cause hazy slimy patches to develop on the body. These patches may develop into red ulcers. Mouth Fungus caused by Flavobacterium (formerly Flexibacter)…
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    $15.99 - 52.99
  • …live-animal trap baited with cat food or tuna to trap and relocate them. If that does not work you can trick raccoons using the Nite Guard Solar deterrent. With solar-powered red LED Lights that are activated at dusk the Nite Guard Solar resembles a predator's flashing eyes scaring away the raccoon.
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