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Reduce Nutrients In Pond

    …to the pond's surface. This circulation drives oxygen to the bottom of the pond allowing good bacteria to digest muck reducing nutrients and increasing the overall dissolved oxygen in the pond.Spring-Fed or Under Aerated A spring-fed pond is fed by a spring or ground water which keeps the pond full.…
  • CrystalClear® MuckOff™


    (23 reviews)

    …water removes odor and reduces ammonia and nutrient accumulations. Many ponds are constructed with rock and gravel that can trap muck and odor causing nutrients. MuckOff penetrates deep down in between rocks and deep cleans those areas that can't be reached by hand or with a pond vacuum. Apply once…
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    $13.99 - 109.99
  • …will be equal. Pond Dye comes in liquid form or in water soluble packets. Dye will need to be applied approximately every 4 - 6 weeks to be most effective. Pond Dye has no temperature restriction and can be applied any time of year. Adding aeration will also help reduce weed and algae re-growth.…
    …will reduce nutrients and improve the overall health of your farm pond or lake but they differ in the types of debris they target. Suspended Debris PondClear is designed to clean the water from the top down. It contains beneficial bacteria that devour excess nutrients that are suspended in the water…
  • The Pond Guy® Nature's Defense®


    (75 reviews)

    …digesting the dead organics in the pond such as fish waste uneaten food and leaves. Nature's Defense eliminates excess nutrients such as phosphates and nitrogen. Use Nature's Defense to both seed and maintain your biological filters resulting in reduced levels of ammonia and a crystal clear pond.
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    $16.99 - 139.99
  • Airmax® ClearPAC® Plus (formerly Pond Logic®)


    (102 reviews)

    …Plus (formerly known as Pond Logic ClearPAC Plus) includes everything you need to keep your pond clean and clear all season long. Save time money and guesswork with this all-in-one pond care package. The ClearPAC Plus addresses the root of pond problems - excess nutrients and sunlight. It combines…
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    $329.99 - 1179.99
  • Applied Biochemists Cutrine® Plus Granular Algae Control


    (33 reviews)

    …early in the morning before heavy mats form on a sunny calm day. Contact time should be a minimum of 3 hours. Unless steps are taken to reduce the overall nutrients in your pond multiple Cutrine Plus applications may be needed for seasonal control. Order Cutrine Plus from The Pond Guy today!
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    $49.99 - 99.99
  • Filter Media Blocks


    (2 reviews)

    …that can enhance your water clarity and reduce your ponds nutrient load. Bio Blox Filter Media is created from varying filter media in both thickness and density which allow for the trapping of larger pond organics or for the accumulation of finer pond waste. This filter media has 525 square feet…
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  • …for a balanced pond. Using natural treatments such as those found in the The Pond Guy® DefensePAC® aid in keeping your pond balanced and happy. The DefensePAC is designed to keep a pond's ecosystem perfectly balanced by breaking down waste removing excess nutrients and maintain clear…
    pond and is safe to use in ponds with fish and other wildlife. Barley can be used during the winter months when other pond treatments are ineffective. Barley products are available in a variety of different forms such as straw bales pellets and extract. * Beneficial Bacteria – Excess nutrients
    …the nutrients to reduce existing muck build-up and prevent it from accumulating in the future. 2. Aeration improves water quality Nutrients not only accumulate at the bottom of the pond to become muck but they can also be suspended in the water column causing your pond to look murky. By reducing the…
  • Jenlis Weed Raker™ Pond & Lake Rake


    (38 reviews)

    …Vegetation & Organic Matter * Reduce Timely Maintenance * Pull In From As Far As 45 Feet Away The Jenlis Weed Raker™ is pond weed rake that removes vegetation and organic matter from your pond. It is efficient at removing submerged lake & pond weeds pulling out the roots of aquatic…
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