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  • Aquascape Man in Barrel Spitter

    * Unique Pond Spitter for a Creative Look * Peaceful Meditative Outdoor Décor * Made from High−Quality Poly−Resin Want a unique and creative way to surprise your guests and decorate your outdoor water garden or living space? Aquascape Man in a Barrel Spitter is an incredibly fun…
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  • Aquascape Toucan Spitter

    * Enhance the Sound of Your Pond * Designer Resin Fountain Spitter * Feature Encapsulates the Finish of Real Brass Aquascape Toucan Spitter is a designer fountain spitter encapsulates the texture shape and finish of real brass and stone without the weight. Made of poly-resin material this spitter is…
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  • Floating Plant Oasis


    (1 Reviews)

    * Holds Up To 6 Small Potted Plants * Strong Yet Rigid Resin Foam Polymer * Ideal For Water Gardens Without Planting Shelves The Floating Plant Oasis is a strong yet rigid resin foam polymer frame that allows limitless options for planting up to 6 square aquatic plants in their pots (approx. 3.5…
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  • CrystalClear SubLime


    (1 Reviews)

    …The Life of Pumps CrystalClear SubLime removes tough limescale stains. SubLime also prevents build-up from occurring in basins around pump housings and in tubing. SubLime is gentle enough for all substrates including ceramic cement plastic resin and rock. CrystalClear Sparkle & SubLime Combo!-->
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    $7.99 - 63.99
  • Aquascape AquaBasin Medium Water Reservoir

    …up to 1200 Pounds * 40 Gallon Water Capacity Aquascape Aquabasin Medium Water Reservoir makes installing formal waterwall spillways patio pavers resin and ceramic fountains quick and easy. Made from high-density polyethylene this double-walled structure provides superior strength when backfilling…
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  • Aquascape Tsurumi PL-Series Pumps


    (2 Reviews)

    …Ideal for Skimmers & Shallow Water Applications * Semi−Vortex Impeller Decreases Maintenance * Made of Stainless Steel & Composite Resin * 2 Discharge Maximizes Flow Rates Known for dependability and performance the solids handling Aqauscape PL-Series Pumps are ideal for skimmers…
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    $539.99 - 863.99
  • Bird-X Prowler Owl


    (No Reviews)

    …Horned Owl. Immobile deocys are not as effective as this glassy-eyed lifelike Prowler Owl always in hunting mode. Head is made of a hard plastic resin body/wings are extra-durable waterproof non-woven fabric supported by flexible cabels and riveted plastic struts. With realistic markings and wings…
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  • Aquascape AquaBasin 30

    …Aquascape AquaBasin 30 is a durable pondless waterfall basin. An innovated design accommodates a wide variety of natural stone brass ceramic and resin landscape fountains. The AquaBasin offers a simple installation with increased accessibility for a lifetime of enjoyment. Structural Design Features…
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  • Aquascape AquaBasin 45

    …of water. The professional-grade drillable deck can hold up to 1500 pounds to accommodate a wide variety of natural stone brass ceramic and resin landscape fountains. Structural Design Shape The square shape reduces water loss due to splash off and maximizes water storage capacity and drainage…
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  • Aquascape Deer Scarer Bamboo Fountain

    * Add a Decorative Element to Your Water Feature * Provides the Sights of Trickling Water * Easy to Install UV Resistant Finish Enhance the look of your water feature with the texture shape and finish of real bamboo. Aquascape Deer Scarer Fountain creates the gentle noise of falling water…
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  • Aquascape Pouring 3-Tier Bamboo Fountain

    * Adds a Decorative Piece to Patio Ponds * Provides the Sounds of Trickling Water * Lightweight Poly-Resin Easy to Install Aquascape Pouring Three-Tier Bamboo Fountain is a Japanese inspired pond decoration that can complement any patio or container garden. Standing about 15 inches tall this…
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  • Aquascape Adjustable Pouring Bamboo Fountain

    * Ideal For Use in Container Water Gardens * Installs in Minutes UV & Heat Resistant * Encapsulates the Look of Real Bamboo Upgrade the look of your container water garden or patio pond with the look and feel of real bamboo. The stunning design of the Aquascape Adjustable Pouring Bamboo Fountain is…
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