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Rock Anchors

  • DekoRRa Faux Rocks


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    …faux rock enclosures. A unique flange design allows these DekoRRa rock enclosures to be secured to the ground with stakes. When they are installed with secure anchors and surrounded by landscaping stone or mulch it is virtually impossible to distinguish DekoRRa faux rocks from real rock. The DekoRRa…
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    $79.99 - 529.99
  • …Long Rock. Even huge pieces like pool filters or pressure tank assemblies can get hidden with the Super Rock. The flange design allows you to anchor the rock in place. Once you add mulch or landscaping stone these soft gray colored rocks will blend into your backyard design. * Economy Faux Rock: A…
  • Wooden Windmill Anchor Kit

    …of mind even in heavy winds. Kit includes 4 screw-in ground anchors and all hardware needed to attach each anchor to the legs. Works great where you have a dirt surface to screw the four anchors into will not work in gravel or rock. You can also set them in concrete for extra protection if needed.…
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  • …bottom. In general we recommend adding an additional 15' to 20' to this number to make up for the liner settling and the anchoring trench. When doing the installation the anchor trench will hold the additional liner and keep it secure; it is located 5' from the pond's edge. * Slope – Steep…
    …that is 10' long 5' wide and 3' deep and follow the formula one step at a time:* Calculate double the pond's depth: 2 x 3' = 6'* Add 1' extra for anchoring the liner: 6' + 1' = 7'* Determine the liner length: 10' + 7' = 17'* Determine the liner width: 5' + 7' = 12' This means your liner would need…
    …of the surrounding landscaping use a flat piece of netting. Sections of netting can be staked down at the edges of the pond or just secured with rocks and other pond décor. The availability of different mesh sizes help in making sure you block out even the smallest leaves and pine needles.…
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