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Rock Fountain

  • Tsurumi Water Feature Pump Series


    (2 Reviews)

    …&minus 1 HP and 1-1/2 to 3 Inch Discharge Tsurumi Water Feature Pump is built for years of continuous use in fish ponds decorative waterfalls and fountains. This submersible water pump is made of corrosion-resistant material fiberglass reinforced plastic impeller volute and top cover that will pass…
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    $294.00 - 1124.00
  • Atlantic Eco-Blox Basin Matrix


    (6 Reviews)

    …other pondless water features. Save time money and sweat with the basin matrix box. Eco-Blox Basin Matrix is designed to replace up to 90% of the rock and gravel needed while holding over three times the water allowing for less maintenance filling due to evaporation. Eco-Blox Reservoirs store larger…
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  • Blue Thumb Shizukesa Fountain Kit

    * Shizukesa Natural Rock Fountains * Ready to Install DIY Garden Fountain Kit * Add a Stunning Landscape Water Display * Differnt Pebble Colors to Blend in Your Landscape The Zenshu Fountain Series provides a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to your backyard or patio. The Shizukesa creates an…
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  • Blue Thumb Fountain Conversion Kit

    …easy pump access and includes a flat supported top deck with recessed plumbing channels for hose and a pocket for a manifold. Whether installing a vase fountain bubbling rock or any type of disappearing fountain the versatility of the Fountain Basin makes them the right product for every job.
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    $494.99 - 799.99
  • …wide variety of bog plants can be incorporated into the design. Disappearing Fountain This fountain feature also uses a catch basin to re-circulate water however instead of a waterfall a decorative fountain pot or rock can function as the water feature focal point. This type of feature requires…
  • Blue Thumb Small Caldera Fountain Kit

    …* Beautiful Natural Rock Look This lovely classic six sided bubbling rock offers a dipping pool which easily attracts wildlife. Each Small Caldera Fountain is molded from real stone and made of durable GRFC concrete for a beautiful look and natural texture. Each fountain rock weighs only 55 pounds…
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    $439.99 - 999.99
  • …crannies behind and between rocks. When those areas are sealed water is diverted over the tops of the rocks making the waterfall look fuller and more beautiful. In addition to its aesthetic benefits Waterfall Foam also helps to secure and stabilize larger rocks which in turn reduces maintenance.Step…
    …water in as little as 48 hours. FeatureFix can be used in a fountain water feature or birdbath but is not recommended for water that contains fish invertebrates or crustaceans so use with caution. * Rock a Clean Feature - As with ponds rocks and other surfaces in your pondless waterfall will likely…
  • Aquascape DIY Backyard Waterfall Kit

    …Easy to Camouflage & Access the Pump Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Vault is perfect for protecting pumps against damage from the ground and heavy rocks. It is durable rotationally-molded rounded polyethylene shape maximizes structural strength while the extra-wide opening makes it easy to access the…
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  • Blue Thumb Tamaishi Fountain Kit

    …Beautiful Glossy Surface * Includes Water Fountain Pump & Pebbles Create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere while giving your landscape a modern look with the Tamaishi Fountain Kit. Part of Bluth Thumb's Zenshu water features this Japanese inspired natural rock formation features a smooth glossy…
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  • Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit 6' x 8'

    * Create a Stunning Water Garden in Your Backyard * 6'L x 8'W Medium Koi Pond Kit with Waterfall * Includes Water Fountain Pump & Surface Skimmer Update your outdoor landscape with a breathtaking ecosystem pond that can be created with all-in-one DIY koi pond kits. Aquascape pond kits work with your…
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  • …single cell plants that form long visible chains threads or filaments. These threads start growing along the bottom of the pond in shallower water on rocks or other aquatic plants and intertwine to form mats that resemble wet wool. When these mats rise to the surface they are commonly referred to as…

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