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Rock Garden Plants

    Plants: These are fantastic oxygenators. Submerged plants are also able to absorb excess nutrients so there is no need to fertilize them. * Bog Plants: Bog plants are planted around the perimeter of your pond or in shallow areas. There is a lot of variety in the color size and shape of these plants
    …keep your water garden balanced and filtered. As any gardener knows the first step in a successful garden is to plan what you want to plant. Below are a few points to consider when selecting plants for your pond. * Keep it Covered: Covering your pond's surface area with 40-60% plants will help to…
  • Aquascape Garden & Pond Spotlight


    (6 Reviews)

    …platform when placing on rocks or submerged in the water. * Mounting stand can be removed to disguise the lights between rocks or other material. * Secure light fixtures to the included ground stakes for easy placement into your landscape at the base of plants and trees. Automate Your Lighting…
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  • …kill. * Filamentous (string) algae is comprised of single cell plants that form long visible chains threads or filaments. These threads start growing along the bottom of the pond in shallower water on rocks or other aquatic plants and intertwine to form mats that resemble wet wool. When these mats…
    plants are a key part of a balanced pond. They feed on processed fish waste and help reduce algae blooms. Fish waste (before it goes through filtration) can be toxic to aquatic life. However once filtered fish waste becomes fertilizer which can be consumed by plants and produce exceptional plant
    …Water Garden Decorated with spitters plants lighting and other outdoor decor water gardens these ponds have become a popular addition to backyards. They can contain all types of fish with goldfish and koi being the most popular. Water gardens are typically less than 2 ft. in depth and contain plant
  • Aquascape Prevent Water Treatment 32 fl oz Refill for Automatic Dosing System for Fountains


    (1 Reviews)

    …in water features without fish or plants. When used with the Aquascape Automatic Dosing System for Fountains this special blend of clarifiers controls white-scale buildup foam prevents stains and debris buildup in the water and on the surface of fountains rocks or gravel. Prevent water treatment…
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  • Atlantic FilterFalls Big Bahama Pro Series


    (4 Reviews)

    …properties of the FilterFalls bio-tech mats help establish a balanced ecosystem for plants and fish to thrive in. FilterFalls units are designed to be easily camouflaged with natural materials or Atlantic Rock Lids and easily accessed for routine maintenance. Each FilterFalls comes with a removable…
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    $377.99 - 807.99
  • Carlisle AquaTough 45 Mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liner


    (94 Reviews)

    …For Water Gardens * Create Custom Fit For Irregular Shapes * Safe For Fish Plants & Wildlife 45 Mil EPDM rubber pond liner is extremely flexible and adapts very well to irregular shapes of decorative ponds. Pond builders appreciate it's ability to conform the shelves needed for plant containers.…
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    $40.00 - 4000.00
  • CrystalClear ClarityMax


    (53 Reviews)

    * Pond Stream & Waterfall Treatment * Cleans Rocks & Breaks Down Organics * Maintains Long Term Clear Water * Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds CrystalClear ClarityMax is a multi-purpose pond stream and waterfall treatment. ClarityMax uses all natural proprietary treatment blended with bacteria and…
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    $26.99 - 419.99
  • …water garden aeration kits are powered by a diaphragm compressor. Make sure you check the maintenance section of your manual to see how often the diaphragms need to be replaced. Plants Your pond plants should cover approximately 40-60% of your pond for shade coverage. Pruning dead plant material…
    …and marginal plants growing alongside your pond can provide plenty of shade from the outside. Blue Flag Iris and Dwarf Cattail for instance planted on the south or west side will cast cool shady shadows for your fish. * Get Creative with Canopies: If planting trees or plants isn't an option…
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