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  • Airmax Shoreline Defense


    (94 Reviews)

    * Broad Spectrum Emergent Weed Killer * Kills to The Roots * Long Term Control of Cattails Kill the roots of even the most persistent emergent aquatic weeds & grasses. Airmax Shoreline Defense is great for controlling cattails or any other plant growing above or out of the water. Apply directly…
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    $31.99 - 103.99
  • Jenlis Weed Razer Express Aquatic Weed Cutter


    (14 Reviews)

    …cutter head with razor sharp blades that are designed to be the most efficient and effective pond tool made to cut or shear almost any type of rooted aquatic vegetation; such as Watermilfoil lily pads and pond weeds. The razor sharp blades of these pond weed cutters can easily shear through thick…
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  • MossBack Fish Habitat Root Wad

    …(Sold Separately) to suspend the Root Wad under a dock or pier for pier fishing. A Cable Kit can also be used along with a Concrete Block Adapter to secure Root Wad in rough or heavy current water conditions.-->* MossBack Fish Habitat Block Adapter: Anchor the Root Wad in a vertical position with a…
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  • MossBack Fish Habitat Root Wad Kits

    …Depth 3 to 5 Feet The MossBack Root Wad Kits creates a bait fish breeding ground in water depths of 3 to 4 feet deep. Fun for the whole family to watch smaller fish feed off of the algae vegetation and phytoplankton that collect on the flexible limbs. MossBack Root Wad Kits are secured to a base and…
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    $217.99 - 599.99
  • Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake


    (7 Reviews)

    …to remove the remaining roots that lie beneath the surface of your lake or pond bottom. Allow the rake head to sink to the bottom. Use a back and forth motion with the rake handle and stir up the bottom. The long teeth will dig into the bottom and dislodge the root systems of most leafy submerged…
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  • Plant Socks


    (6 Reviews)

    …Edge * Flexible Material Keeps Roots Contained * Available in Two Sizes For Your Planting Needs Create a more natural look by contouring your pond's edges and curves with these strong flexible plant socks. Now you can protect your plants from fish while keeping the roots from taking over your pond.…
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    $12.99 - 15.99
  • Jenlis Muck Razer Replacement Head

    Replacement head for the Jenlis Muck Razer. Designed with 11 rows of hooked teeth made of galvanized steel the Jenlis Muck Razer will help reduce muck and dig out the roots of aquatic weeds giving you clean weed-free swimming and beach areas.
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  • SePRO Sonar Q Granular Aquatic Herbicide - 8 Pounds


    (2 Reviews)

    * Season Long Weed Control * Treats Floating & Submerged Weeds * Systemic Herbicide That Kills Roots Sonar Q pellets has the same active ingredient as Sonar A.S. Although convenient pellets are more expensive to use than comparable liquids. Aquatic herbicide pellets are not recommended for ponds…
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  • …water and gently remove the root mass. * Wash the soil off the mass with your hose and trim any dead foliage. * Divide the root mass depending on the type of root system. For plants with clumping roots like corkscrew rush separate the roots into sections with some roots intact in each section. Dwarf…
  • Jenlis Weed Raker Pond & Lake Rake


    (42 Reviews)

    …organic matter from your pond. It is efficient at removing submerged lake & pond weeds pulling out the roots of aquatic weeds slowing their re-growth and removing surface debris. Get to the root of your lake or pond weed problem with the lowest widest aquatic weed rake in the industry. The Weed…
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  • Jenlis Muck Razer


    (6 Reviews)

    * Help Reduce Pond Muck * Dig Out Weed Roots & Sediment * Clears Beach & Dock Areas Designed with hooked teeth made of galvanized steel the Jenlis Muck Razer will help reduce muck and dig out the roots of aquatic weeds giving you clean weed-free swimming and beach areas. Simply place the…
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  • …free floating and rooted. A free-floating plant have roots underneath the plant to absorb nutrients from the pond's water but never touches the bottom while rooted floating plants often have showy flowers and large leafed foliage that sits on top of the water. * Emergent: Rooted plants like cattails…