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Safe For Birds

  • Airmax Stock Tank Defense


    (15 Reviews)

    for stock tanks. This all natural product will keep stock tanks clean clear and healthy. Easy-to-apply no-mess Stock Tank Defense tablets are completely safe for horses livestock birds fish & wildlife. Each 6 tablet package of Stock Tank Defense can treat up to a 150 gallon stock tank for 3…
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    $9.99 - 29.99
  • The Pond Guy PondShade Pond Dye Gallon


    (74 Reviews)

    …your pond. Provide a deep blue color with PondShade True Blue or create a sparkling aqua blue color with PondShade Caribbean Blue. One gallon of pond water dye treats 1 acre 4-6' deep. No mixing is required. Safe for recreational ponds horses livestock birds pets fish wildlife and the environment.
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    $29.99 - 39.99
  • …completely safe for agriculture and irrigation purposes. Immediately after treatment you can use your pond for recreation fishing and other activities. While it's not recommended for ponds that provide drinking water for humans it's safe for swimming as well as watering horses livestock birds pets…
    …impossible number to comprehend. That's a lot of microorganisms. With all those different types of bacteria it's safe to say that not all bacteria work the same way. PondClear and MuckAway for example both contain human- and animal-safe bacteria that will reduce nutrients and improve the overall…
    …to birds and small mammals there is plenty of meal choices for your fish to choose from. Using Their Senses Fish rely on their abilities to see hear smell taste and feel to both catch prey and avoid becoming a meal for bigger predators. Food or lure that is alive and moving will be easier for your…
    …This omnivore's preferred meals include just about anything it can capture and swallow including aquatic plants invertebrates fish frogs reptiles birds and small mammals. Snapping turtles also clean-up your pond by consuming carrion (or dead animals). In a farm or swimming pond a snapping turtle…
    …should keep them more than satisfied - at least until they become adults. That's when they become carnivorous critters with a hankering for bugs rodents reptiles birds small fish and even an occasional bat. When they're adults bullfrogs are impressive creatures: As one of the largest frogs in the…
    safe making sure you always supervise children and have a life ring and rope nearby. * Stores water for farm animals irrigation: A more practical benefit some property owners keep a pond to water their horses sheep goats and cattle. It's an accessible watering hole for them as well as a habitat for
    …them early in the calendar year. Our nursery will keep them for you and ship them when it is safe to do so. Plant Care When ordering your plants it is a good time to get the materials that you need for planting. Use soil that is designed for water gardens and avoid using bagged potting mix or other…
    …prefect habitat for your aquatic life above and below the waterline offering food and shelter. Fish and snails can hang out around the leaves and stems while frogs hunt for bugs or hide in the shade. The leaves stems and root systems of underwater plants give your pond life safe places to spawn and…
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