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  • The Pond Guy Pond Salt


    (22 Reviews)

    …prevented simply by adding a pond salt treatment. This salt for ponds is pure evaporated sea salt which is fish friendly. Be aware many other common salts like table or rock salt can be harmful to fish and only evaporated sea salt like The Pond Guy Pond Salt should be used in ponds or water gardens…
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    $19.99 - 29.99
  • …and pinhead white spots that look like white grains of sand all over. CrystalClear KnockOut Plus can treat the initial pond fish disease while Pond Salt or MelaFix are often used to prevent a secondary infection or when treating new fish in an isolation tank before being introduced to the pond. *…
  • API Pond Starter Bundle

    …water safe and protect your fish and Pond Salt provides essential electrolytes improves gill function and reduces fish stress. Pond Salt • Improves Gill Function • Promotes Fish Health • Adds Essential Electrolytes All-natural API Pond Salt is made from evaporated sea water and…
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  • …toxic heavy metals from your tap or well water. It's also helpful to add pond salt to the water to keep fish stress down and help prevent diseases. If you want to learn more read our article on the benefits of using salt in koi ponds.Keep the Fry Safe Newly hatched fry can't swim and will need a…
    …using pond salt in your koi pond.* Pond Salt Benefits* The Right Type of Salt for Koi Ponds* Ideal Salt Level in Koi Ponds* Using Salt in Koi Ponds with Plants* Koi Salt TreatmentPond Salt Benefits From overall fish health to special treatment for sick fish there are plenty of pond salt benefits.…
  • Split Polished Basalt Fountain Kit

    * Double & Triple Basalt Column Fountain * Calming Movement of Water * Makes a Bold Statement Create a dazzling display of water with a natural stone focal point in your indoor or outdoor living space with a Blue Thumb Split Polished Basalt Fountain Kit. The double and triple stone column…
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    $2099.99 - 2799.99
  • Power House Saltwater Aluminum Anode 1/2-Inch Diameter

    …Ponds * One Size Fits All Ice Eaters * Extend the Life of Your Motor The Power House Aluminum Anode is recommended for use on your Ice Eater in salt or brackish water. The Aluminum Anode protects the Ice Eater against deterioration and corrosion caused by saltwater conditions extending the life…
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  • Power House Ice Eater Dock Mounts


    (1 Reviews)

    * Premium Option for Positioning Your Ice Eater * Controls Depth Directions & Angle of Your Ice Eater * Ideal for Fresh or Salt Water Dock Applications The Ice Eater Dock Mount attaches to the 1/2 HP 3/4 HP or 1 HP Power House Ice Eater units. This dock mount allows you to change the angle…
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  • …with a pond thermometer and do a partial water change if the water temperatures reach the high 70s or above. You might also want to add some pond salt which will help gill function and reduce fish stress as well as some Stress Reducer Plus which alleviates stress restores a healthy slime coat and…
  • Polished Bowl Basalt Fountain Kit

    * Makes for a Dramatic Statement Piece * Melodious Trio of Real Basalt Stone Fountains * Drilled Bowled Polished Tops with Natural Sides The complete Polished Bowl Basalt Triple Fountain Kit by Blue Thumb lets you create an eye-catching center piece to your garden patio or landscape in one weekend.…
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  • Blue Thumb Swirl Cut Polished Basalt Fountain

    * Beautiful Natural Basalt Fountain * Eye Catching Modern Design * Complete Kit for Easy Installation Add a relaxing and contemplative atmosphere to your garden landscape or patio with the Blue Thumb Swirl Cut Polished Basalt Fountain Kit. The gentle water flowing over natural stone brings the…
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  • …where the hole once was. It will melt the hole back open - and your fish can breathe a sigh of relief! Be sure not to use sidewalk salt or similar products. Sidewalk salt is made for one simple purpose: to melt ice on your sidewalk. And while it theoretically could be used to melt pond ice it's most…
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