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Shade For Fish

  • Round Floating Plant Island

    …Protects Plant From Grazing Pond Fish * Available Sizes: 10 & 14 Diameter Design stunning aquatic plant arrangements with these linkable floating planting baskets. Ideal for pond hobbyists that want to add a pop of color while protecting plants from grazing pond fish. The floating plant island…
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    $29.99 - 34.99
  • The Pond Guy® Pond Shade


    (21 reviews)

    Shade Your Pond * Powerful Liquid Color * Safe For Fish Plants & Pets Safely shade your pond water with The Pond Guy® Black Pearl™ or Blue Sapphire™. Both shades provide the same UV protection so you can choose the color that suits your landscape. The Pond Guy® Pond Shade is…
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  • Porcupine® Fish Attractor Spheres - 3 Pack


    (16 reviews)

    …Catch More Fish * Increase Survival Rates For Young Fish * Catch Bigger Fish Without Tangling Lures Build your own habitat with this three pack of Porcupine Fish Attractor Spheres. Fish attractors encourage baitfish and increase survival rates by providing refuge and shade for young fish. Best of…
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  • …pond dye is completely safe for agriculture and irrigation purposes. Immediately after treatment you can use your pond for recreation fishing and other activities. It's safe for swimming ponds as well as watering horses livestock birds pets fish and wildlife.Pond Shading Excessive sunlight can have…
    …want to hang out near a waterfall! For humans the water pouring into the pond cools and hydrates the air; for fish that action acts as a giant aeration system infusing oxygen into the water beneath the waterfall. But that raises a valid question: If your fish spend a lot of time near the waterfall…
  • MossBack Fish Habitat™Safe Havens

    …Safe Zones * Provides Shade & Ambush Cover * Ideal for Water Depths of 5 Feet or More MossBack Fish Habitat Safe Haven is the ideal fish habitat for ponds that want to encourage larger gamefish growth. The condensed-limb pattern creates safe zones for smaller prey fish in water depths of 5 feet…
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    $99.99 - 179.99
  • MossBack Fish Habitat™Reef Kits

    …collected on the limbs creates a feeding frenzy for the smaller fish which they in turn attract larger fish.* Provides Much Needed Shade: The Shade Top provides coverage in deep water applications and is great for hot climates providing much needed shade. The water temperature can drop under this…
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    $599.99 - 779.99
  • MossBack Fish Habitat™Trophy Trees

    …addition of the Base & Shade Kit (Sold Separately).--> Made in the USA * Made in the USA with recycled material. MossBack Fish Habitats gives you the perfect setup for artificial pond habitats as well as the best fish attractor structures for ponds lakes and reservoirs. Free Fish Habitat Layout Not…
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    $89.99 - 119.99
  • Hikari® Gold Fish Food


    (10 reviews)

    * Great For All Pond Fish * Color Enhancing Daily Diet * Supports Immune System Health Hikari Gold is a uniquely designed daily diet for feeding koi and other pond fish in warmer water temperatures. The carefully selected ingredients promote active color enhancement while the vitamin and mineral…
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    $12.99 - 177.99
  • Hikari® Economy Fish Food


    (2 reviews)

    * Economical Daily Maintenance Diet * Great For All Pond Fish * Will Not Cloud The Water Hikari Economy Fish Food is a daily food for pond fish including koi providing them with the basic nutrition they require to live a long and healthy life. This koi and goldfish food includes floating pellets…
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    $33.49 - 131.99
  • Hikari® Spirulina Fish Food

    * Excellent Daily Diet For Koi * Superior Color Enhancing Supplement * Adds Beauty & Luster To The Skin A superior color enhancing supplemental diet for hobbyists who want their koi looking their best. Hikari Spirulina fish food is a supplemental finishing diet for feeding higher quality koi…
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  • …friendliest koi or goldfish. Learn what to look for and how to care for your finned friends. Warning Signs Lack of appetite open sores flashing rubbing or gasping at the surface are all warning signs that your fish are under the weather. Inspect your fish for red sores on fins or mouths these are…