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Shade Tolerant Lilly

    …Because algae and plants are using the nutrients adding desired plants to your water garden will reduce what is available for algae. Plants also shade your pond from excess sunlight to further reduce the likelihood of algae blooms. Aim to cover 40-60% your pond's surface area especially if it is…
    tolerate the year-round weather conditions. * The Sun will Come Out: Plants are also categorized by which type of light they would like to receive (full sun partial sun partial shade or full shade). Sensitive Plant prefers to lay out in the sun but the Chameleon Plant likes to blend into the shade.
    …can either become dormant or you can try your hand at growing them indoors. * Tropical Bog Plants: The Yellow Snowflake – ironically not tolerant of snow – and other tropical bog plants can be treated as annuals or you can bring them inside to test your gardening skills. If you decide…
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