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  • Airmax Shoreline Defense


    (94 Reviews)

    …allowing it to be absorbed by the weed killing the roots for long term control. Shoreline Defense is not to be used for submerged weeds. This pond and lake weed control product works great for beaches shorelines or anywhere emergent weeds grow. Use with Treatment Booster Plus for the best results.
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    $31.99 - 103.99
  • The Pond Guy Pond & Beach Rake Gen 2


    (31 Reviews)

    …Cast & Retrieve Handle Option Each rake include 2 handles. Switch from the standard soft grip handle to the exclusive cast & retrieve handle with a simple push of a button. Includes 50' of pre-attached floating nylon retrieval rope to make casting the rake out from the shoreline easier.
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  • MossBack Fish Habitat Root Wad

    Shoreline or Shallow Water Fish Habitat * Provides a Fry Sanctuary for Smaller Fish * Creates an Ambush Cover for Predator Fish The MossBack Fish Habitat Root Wad is ideal for providing a sanctuary for young fry bait fish and forage. The condensed limb spacing design works well along the shoreline
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  • Jenlis Weed Raker Handle End Cap Black

    Replacement black handle end cap for the Jenlis Weed Raker. This single cap has an opening for the rope to go through for casting into the water from the shoreline to retrieve aquatic weeds for removal. Jenlis part number: WRKBC09.
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  • Jenlis Weed Raker Replacement Rope Crimp

    Replacement rope crimp for the Jenlis Weed Raker. This simple Rope Crimp secures a loop at the end of the rope. Great for wrapping the rope around your wrist to gain more control of the Weed Raker as you toss it from the shoreline to gather pondweeds.
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  • Pond cattails and other emergent aquatic plants can add natural beauty to any pond or shoreline but if left unchecked for too long they can overtake these areas and create a shoreline maintenance nightmare. A consistent program is the most efficient way to combat the excessive spread of unwanted…
    …of salt to your pond and have no aquatic plants use 2½ cups of salt per 100 gallons of water and disperse the pond salt evenly around the shoreline. Salt will not evaporate or get filtered out so the only time you need to add more salt is when you do water changes. Mind the Plants If you have…
  • Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake


    (8 Reviews)

    …teeth make it perfect for digging cutting and mechanical removal of weeds algae muck and debris. The 9-foot aluminum handle extends your reach for shoreline debris. Cast and retrieve by attaching the included 25-foot rope and detachable floats for a smooth toss. Finally finish the job by switching…
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  • …contact with all the vegetation it will just keep on growing. Systemic Chemicals A systemic chemical like Shoreline Defense works by being absorbed into the growth system of emergent shoreline weeds like cattails via their leaves and kills them down to the roots. Similar to contact chemicals it is…
    …musky-smelling fluid. Home Sweet Home So what do muskrats look for in a home? They like a spot that includes plenty of food a body of water and shoreline vegetation. These guys chow on a variety of greens and protein including roots stems and buds as well as frogs snails and fish. Besides eating…
    …water. Instead you need to use products that are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency for aquatic use like Algae Defense Aquathol and Shoreline Defense aquatic herbicides. Why the regulations? Read on for details. Environmental Protection The EPA registers products like herbicides for…
    …plant fertilizer causing weeds and algae to grow prolifically. You may begin to notice emergent weeds like cattails and shoreline grasses growing along the shoreline and a foul smell emanating from the water. Pond owners tend to use reactive treatments like aquatic herbicides and algaecides…

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