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    …Koi Delivered to Your Door * Mix Variety of Sanke Showa & Asagi Koi * Free Air Delivery to Ensure Koi Safety The Gold Koi Package is ideal for ponds no less than 2000 gallons. Perfect for pond owners looking for a variety mix of Sanke Showa Asagi and other Koi that will complement each other.…
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  • …only black markings elsewhere on the body. Showa (Showa Sanshoku): These fish have a solid black body that's topped with red and white (shiroji) markings. The red white and black should be evenly balanced with crisp clean edges between each color. Showa can easily be confused with Sanke so watch for…
    …body topped with large red markings. * Sanke (Taisho Sanke): Similar to the Kohaku but with the addition of small black markings called sumi. * Showa (Showa Sanke): Black body topped with red (hi) and white (shiroji) markings. * Ogon: Metallic scales in one solid color usually orange white silver or…
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