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  • Pump Shut-Off Switch


    (4 Reviews)

    * Easy to Install * Ideal for Use in Skimmers * Protect Your Pump From Low Water Simply plug your pump into this easy-to-use Pump Shut-Off Switch and have the confidence that your pump will never run dry again! If water depletes to a certain point the pump switches off automatically. Includes: 8…
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  • Shut Off Assembly for Chapin Pro Series Sprayer

    This Shut Off Assembly (MPN 6-8138) is a replacement part for the Chapin Pro Series 3 Gallon Pond Sprayer (sprayer model 26031XP).
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  • The Pond Guy Oxy-Lift Defense Pond Cleaner


    (73 Reviews)

    …streams rocks statues birdbaths and/or anywhere debris occurs. Oxy-Lift Defense reduces pond maintenance routines and can eliminate yearly pond shut down & clean-out. Oxy-Lift Defense reduces time spent scrubbing by quickly lifting debris off of pond liners rocks gravel and waterfalls. Just sprinkle…
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    $12.99 - 42.99
  • Aquascape Water Fill Valve 200

    …tank. When the water level drops below the level you've set the float sinks and water is released. As water is released the float rises and will shut off once the water level returns to normal. This device is typically placed in skimmer boxes or basins and can connect to a standard garden hose and…
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  • Tomahawk Live Turtle Traps


    (4 Reviews)

    …storage and transportation. Trap up to 100 pounds of hungry turtles as they enter the trap and step on the trip plate activating the door to shut so they can't get out. This is a single catch trap so you can catch one turtle at a time. Made In the U.S.A. with galvanized steel and is constructed…
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    $134.99 - 189.99
  • Atlantic TidalWave Pump Protector


    (1 Reviews)

    …can restrict water flow leading to low water levels or even causing the pump to run dry. Atlantic's TidalWave Pump Protector will automatically shut off a pump before it can be damaged. Unlike water level sensors and built-in thermal protectors which can cycle on and off repeatedly ultimately…
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  • Airmax Plug & Play Control Panel

    …features a dial and timer pins so you can set up your fountain to run on two cycles or for 24-hours. A ground-fault circuit interrupter is also built-in in case of an event of a ground fault the circuit breaker will shut off electrical power immediately to prevent damage to your fountain or lights.
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  • Aqua Ultraviolet Viper UV Clarifier - 400 Watt


    (1 Reviews)

    …penetration capability while lasting up to 14 months. These UV Clarifiers are engineered to accommodate extreme flow rates by using a flow switch to shut the unit off if water flow falls below 5700 GPH. Aqua Ultraviolet Viper UV Clarifiers maximize UV effectiveness to clear green or discolored water…
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    $2275.00 - 3274.60
  • …night is one way to stretch some of your hard-earned cash. Think again! Though most pumps do cost a nominal amount of money to run 24/7 if you shut yours down each night you could be affecting your pond's water quality and your fishes' wellness and that could cost you even more in the long run.…
    …edge off the frosty winter chill but it may cause more stress for you – and your fish – in the long run. Before you decide to run or shut down your water garden for winter here are a few points to consider. * Ice Dams: In northern climates with near- or sub-freezing conditions ice can…
    As the cool weather comes your fish go into hibernation and you shut your filter down for the season. Though things slow down not all the natural processes in your pond come to a complete halt. The organic debris that accumulated during the summer and fall will continue to decompose and as it does…
    Just like your car regularly scheduled maintenance will keep your plants in top performance. From start up to shut down we have tips to help you check off your to-do list. Divvy in Spring When the ice starts to melt it means that spring is just around the corner. Start the pond season off by thawing…
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