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Size Of Water Gardens

    …up with an algae bloom in the summer make sure to use a product that is appropriate to the size of your pond and watch for additives that can be harmful to fish and snails. Always have vigorous aeration running when using any type of algae killer. Check out our articles on Water Garden Algae Control
    …system is the proper size to handle your fish population. Fish naturally multiply and grow. The more fish the more waste so fish loads must be controlled. General rule? With standard filtration and 60% plant coverage allow 1-2 koi or 2-3 goldfish per 200 gallons of water. If you need help figuring…
    …will only use your de-icer when really necessary. Pond Heaters Versus De-Icers Unless you house warm water fish like Plecostomus in your water garden you will not need a pond heater to warm the water. Most pond fish including koi and goldfish will overwinter in your pond as long as the depth is at…
    …using 90 degree turns which can cause friction and slow down your water flow. * Flexible PVC Tubing - Ideal for water features with larger pumps as it available in 1-1/2 to 4 sizes. This type of tubing is quite durable can have water in it year-round without damage from freezing temperatures and can…
    …into your pond. * Limitations of Water Features – Most water gardens rely solely on waterfalls fountains or spitters to circulate and aerate the water. These units can be effective; however they are only adding oxygen to the top portions of the water. This leaves many areas of the pond…
    Water gardens and fish ponds offer an outlet for homeowners to design and create features unique to themselves. Adding plants is another way to customize your feature challenge your green thumb with new types of plants and balance your pond ecosystem. When planning a water garden there are 5 key…
  • The Pond Guy Pond Aerator (formerly Water Garden Aeration Kit)


    (108 Reviews)

    …aerating water gardens and koi ponds between 1000 and 6000 gallons. With the energy efficient diaphragm compressor paired with a low-maintenance non-stick PTFE Membrane diffuser stick your pond will receive the benefits of aeration. Choose between two aeration kit options based on your pond size and…
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    $149.99 - 269.98
  • Water Lily & Water Lotus Planting Kits


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    …These packages include one planting tub planting media and Thrive fertilizer tabs. Plants are sold separately. Click here to view. Avaliable in 2 sizes: Small and Large. The small planting kit is perfect for 1 water lily. The large planting kit is perfect for 2 water lilies or one water lotus.
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    $29.99 - 44.99
  • …to a home. * Personalization: Water features come in all shapes and sizes allowing you to express your personal design style. Options include ponds pondless waterfalls disappearing fountains container water gardens and any combination in between. No matter what size space you have there is sure to…
    …waterfall boxes water gardeners use. Water Garden Decorated with spitters plants lighting and other outdoor decor water gardens these ponds have become a popular addition to backyards. They can contain all types of fish with goldfish and koi being the most popular. Water gardens are typically less…
  • Blue Thumb Clear Water Pumps (formerly PondBuilder)


    (12 Reviews)

    …Multiple Sizes For Many Pond Applications * Ideal For Medium Waterfalls The Clear Water line of pumps is a great choice for creating waterfalls and streams in pre-filtered water feature applications. An oil-free water-cooled design makes this submersible pump fish and plant friendly. The Clear Water
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    $197.99 - 314.99
  • Flexible PVC Tubing - 1-1/2 Inch


    (9 Reviews)

    Gardens & Fish Ponds * Great For Ponds In Freezing Temperatures * Use Standard Schedule 40 PVC Fittings Flexible 1-1/2 (interior diameter) PVC Tubing is ideal for water gardens and features. You may leave water in the pipe all year long without damage caused by freezing temperatures. All sizes
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