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Skimmer Filter Brushes

  • Atlantic™ Pro Skimmer Replacement Gate Keepers

    brushes on your Atlantic™ Professional Skimmer Filters. The replacement brushes fits models that have 6 9 and 14 weir doors. The 7.5 inch long brushes allow for larger debris to pass through and restrict the movement of fish into the skimmer. Additionally Gate Keeper Brushes help filter out…
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    $26.99 - 36.99
  • Atlantic™ Pro Skimmer Brush Panel Kits

    Atlantic™'s innovative Skimmer Brush Panels provide exceptional debris removal and unlike dense filter pads will not block water flow to the pump if neglected. All Atlantic™ Pro Series Skimmers can accept an additional brush panel to increase mechanical filtration. Stainless steel and…
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    $48.99 - 90.99
  • Atlantic® Skimmer Mat Kit

    Skimmers * 1 Year Warranty Atlantic Skimmer Mat Kits come with one Matala filter mat and one support frame. When used in conjunction with the standard Skimmer Net and Brush Panel Matala Mat Kits create three-stage mechanical filtration that reduces maintenance and extends the time between skimmer
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    $48.99 - 94.99
  • …filtration is often done by skimmers filter brushes foam pads and other tools. Biological filtration eliminates invisible waste (excess nutrients) by introducing a living tool – aerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria attaches themselves to surfaces (rocks plants filter media etc.) and eat away…