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    …and Wildlife from Clogging Motors * 1-Inch Screen Connects to the Bottom of the Float * Available in Small or Large The Power House Float Cage is an essential accessory to protect your f-series aerating fountain and surface aerator from foreign objects entering the motor shroud and breaking…
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    $112.50 - 117.00
  • …wigglers. The half-inch larvae live on the water surface for four to 14 days eating algae plankton fungi bacteria and other microorganisms that float by. As the wigglers develop they molt four times before going into their pupa stage. Mosquito pupae commonly called tumblers live in the water for…
    As you probably know proper aeration with an Airmax Aeration System or fountain (in pond's less than 6' deep) is key to a healthy pond or lake. Proper aeration improves water quality breaks down organic debris (muck) and improves the overall ecosystem in your pond. Aeration works by circulating the…

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