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Small Lily

  • Small Grower's Choice Water Lily


    (4 Reviews)

    * Increase Shade Across Pond Surface * Added Filtration * Grower's Pick The Pond Guy Small Grower's Choice Hardy Water Lily is a great option for small ponds or container gardens. The perennial tolerates both shade and cold weather climates zones 3 to 11. We offer a variety of colors and will pick…
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  • Dauben Blue Tropical Water Lily

    …to Small Areas * Promote Natural Filtration & Shade Dauben is a small tropical water lily that features star-shaped light blue flowers all summer. This terrific bloomer is highly viviparous lily that can produce a flowering lily off of one of its leaves. Dauben easily adapts to small planting…
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  • Mexicana Hardy Water Lily

    …Water Lily has small bright yellow blossoms that bloom like tropical water lilies. The lovely flowers are open from midday to late afternoon. Even though it is not a true hardy water lily Mexicana will over-winter in zones 5 or greater (with care). First discovered in Mexico the Mexicana Water Lily
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  • Water Lily & Water Lotus Planting Kits


    (No Reviews)

    …These packages include one planting tub planting media and Thrive fertilizer tabs. Plants are sold separately. Click here to view. Avaliable in 2 sizes: Small and Large. The small planting kit is perfect for 1 water lily. The large planting kit is perfect for 2 water lilies or one water lotus.
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    $29.99 - 44.99
  • Red Flare Night Blooming Tropical Water Lily

    …Flare is a night-blooming lily that produces magnificent magenta/red flowers that are held high above the water's surface. Accented with large reddish-bronze leaves with a few small purple blotches help to add beauty to this lily. This is one of the best night-blooming lilies perfect for any size…
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  • White Snowflake Bundle of 2


    (No Reviews)

    …White Snowflake produces an abundance of small star-shaped dainty white flowers. Lily pad like leaves are heavily variegated green and burgundy. An excellent choice for container gardens and small ponds as it will spread quickly providing cover for small fish. Needs to be planted 4 to 24 under…
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  • Yellow Snowflake - Tropical Bog Bundle of 2


    (2 Reviews)

    …Snowflake plant produces an abundance of small star-shaped yellow flowers that are fringed. Lily pad like leaves are mottled reddish-brown with green. An excellent choice for container gardens and small ponds as it will spread quickly providing cover for small fish. Needs to be planted 4 to 8 under…
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  • Frogbit Bundle of 3


    (29 Reviews)

    …a miniature water lily and float on top of the waters surface. Their fleshy heart-shaped leaves are thick and leathery growing in a 2-6 rosette and when crowded the leaves will extend above the waters surface; otherwise they would generally lay flat on the water. Frogbit has small white flowers that…
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  • …This tool is more than just a net. The Pond Guy 3-in-1 Interchangeable Pond Tool features three interchangeable gadgets to help with every aspect of small pond maintenance. The skimmer net is made with 1/16 fine mesh and is 15 in diameter. It is perfect for removing floating debris. The second part…
    …techniques. * Disrupt Their Diet: A muskrat eats aquatic vegetation like cattails sedges rushes water lilies and pond weeds. In some areas it may also eat clams mussels snails crayfish small fish and frogs. Keeping your pond clear of excess vegetation such as cattails grasses rushes etc will disrupt…
    …above the soil. If your plants are in pots move the pot to the pond's bottom to protect the roots from freezing temperatures. For tropical water lilies floating plants or other temperature sensitive varieties plants will either need to be discarded or brought indoors. Step 5- Remove Excess Debris…
    …outside with your favorite beverage listening to the sound of water moving over your water fall or watching your fish dart between your flowering lilies. Water features are a great way to personalize your outdoor living space while providing a place that your local wildlife will love. Decisions…

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