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Small Pond Plants

  • Lemon Bacopa, Bundle of 5


    (1 reviews)

    …indoors. Lemon Bacopa plants will thrive in a wide range of growing conditions, from moist soil as a bog plant, or in water as a floating or submerged plant. The Lemon Bacopa is a great aquatic pond plant for providing a place for fish to hide and reproduce. Lemon Bacopa plants are ideal for tucking…
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  • Floating Plant Oasis

    …limitless options for planting up to 6 square aquatic plants in their pots (approx. 3.5" baskets). The Floating Plant Oasis is a great solution to add beautiful vegetation and pops of color in ponds without planting shelves or ponds that are too deep for marsh plants. The 16"L x 12"W x 2"H grid…
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  • Summit® Barley Straw Planters


    (4 reviews)

    * Provides The Benefit Of Barley Straw * Floating Showcase For Aquatic Plants * Protects Plant From Your Fish Summit® Barley Straw Planters improve your water quality and act as a natural filter. These barley straw planters also keep pond water clean and clear, plus treat for up to 6 months.
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    $14.99 - 24.99
  • Azolla, Bundle of 2


    (5 reviews)

    …Floating Plant * Increases Shade Across Pond Surface * Promotes Natural Filtration We offer Azolla for sale and ship directly to approved climate zones. Azolla is a nitrogen-harboring true fern that is able to multiply its weight three times each week during the summer months. It is a small, flat,…
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  • Duckweed

    * Free Floating Plant * Increases Shade Across Pond Surface * Excellent Treat For Fish Duckweed is of the smallest floating pond plant with bright lime green leaves that only reach to less than 1/8" in diameter. Duckweed can spread easily providing small contained ponds with additional shade. Fish…
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  • Red Flare Night Blooming Tropical Water Lily

    …Tropical Lily * Increase Shade Across Pond Surface * Promote Natural Filtration Red Flare is a night blooming lily that produces magnificent magenta/red flowers that are held high above the water's surface. Accented with large reddish bronze leaves with a few small purple blotches help to add beauty…
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  • Water Snowball, Bundle of 5


    (2 reviews)

    …using as a submerged plant. This is a great plant for providing a place for fish to hide and reproduce. Water Snowball is ideal for tucking into crevices along the pond edge, bog area or waterfall. Sold in bundles of 5. Please review our 14-Day Live Goods Guarantee. Aquatic Plants, Snails & Tadpoles…
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  • Marsh Marigold, Bundle of 2


    ( reviews)

    * Hardy Bog Plant * Blooms April - June * Increase Natural Filtration The Marsh Marigold plant is a herbaceous, perennial member of the buttercup family, native to marshes, ditches and wet-woodland temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and is one of the first pond plants to bloom in the…
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  • Hornwort, Bundle of 5


    (10 reviews)

    …Hornwort submerged pond plant is an excellent oxygenating plant for fish ponds. Hornwort resembles an underwater juniper bush, with multiple branches of thick, dark green foliage. The hornwort plant forms a dense mat and does not develop roots. Like other submerged pond plants, it receives nutrients…
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  • Lilaeopsis - Bog Plant

    …mats making them a great foreground plant and grows well in shallow water along the edge of the pond or stream bed. Lilaeopsis can be planted in a small planting bag or a 10" floating island planter. Please review our 14-Day Live Goods Guarantee. Aquatic Plants, Snails & Tadpoles are excluded from…
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  • Sensitive Plant, Bundle of 2


    (5 reviews)

    …within minutes. This unique plant produces small, globular, yellow flower-puffs, and as a floating plant, Sensitive Plant is perfect for fish shade and soaking up excess nutrients in the pond. Sold in bundles of 2. Please review our 14-Day Live Goods Guarantee. Aquatic Plants, Snails & Tadpoles are…
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  • Mosaic, Bundle of 2


    (2 reviews)

    …or Tropical Bog Plant * Add Plant Interest To Your Water Garden * Increases Natural Filtration The 3" round clusters of small red and green leaves make the Mosaic pond plant a favorite. The diamond shaped leaves grow from a central radius, forming a mosaic-like pattern. Mosaic plant is intolerant of…
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