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    …overall water quality aquatic habitat and helps reduce harmful gasses including hydrogen sulfide that gets trapped in the muck causing a rotten egg smell. MuckAway precision release pellets are 100% safe and easy to use. Pellets can be broadcasted around docks along shorelines and beach areas where…
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  • In 1998 an American microbiologist determined that the number of bacteria on Earth at that time was five million trillion trillion. This is the number 5 followed by thirty zeroes – an impossible number to comprehend. That's a lot of microorganisms. With all those different types of bacteria…
    …clearly in deeper darker water and tend to be active more at night or darker periods of the day. * Smell: Bluegill develop a keen sense of smell to verify valid food options and Salmon can detect the smell of their home stream 5000 miles out at sea and will follow the scent back to spawn. * Hear and…
    …Muck can also be a breeding ground for leeches as they love to grow and burrow in the muck. Why is Muck Stinky? Muck tends to have a rotten egg smell to it. Those odors are common in ponds that are not aerated particularly during certain times of the year. In the summer and winter non-aerated ponds…
    …counterparts. Additionally anaerobic bacteria produce carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide when digesting organic material giving the pond a rotten egg smell. In contrast beneficial bacteria produce a harmless gas when breaking down muck and debris. Incorporating aeration into the pond increases the…
    The muskrat scientific name Ondatra Zibethica is a common critter that's widely distributed throughout North America. This fur-bearing rodent depends on habitats with water - including lakes rivers creeks ponds and marshes - so your visitor could very well be a muskrat. Read on to learn how to…
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