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  • Society Garlic - Tropical Bog


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    * Deter Snakes & Moles * Showy Lilac-Pink Flowers * Great For Cooking Society Garlic is a beautiful & showy ornamental plant for the water garden. Clusters of lilac-pink flowers bloom all season above tall foliage. These clumps of grey-green long thin leaves emit a garlic smell when cut or bruised.…
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  • …survival numbers by adding pond dye or installing a decoy device like a Solar Owl Decoy or Nite Guard Solar designed to chase away rodents and snakes. With its timed head rotation powered by a built-in solar panel the Solar Owl Decoy will help repel nuisance birds and other small critters during…
    …clean-up your pond by consuming carrion (or dead animals). In a farm or swimming pond a snapping turtle might snap up some undesirable visitors like snakes. Nocturnal Activity A snapping turtle is mostly active at night but it does venture out during the day to scavenge and hunt for food. When C.…
    …source for nuisance weeds and algae and can even affect how some products work. Dead vegetation also makes a great nesting area for muskrats leeches snakes and other pests. Many types of weeds and algae can spread by seeds or spores if the plant is shaken or if plant fragments are left floating in…
  • Variegated Society Garlic - Tropical Bog


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    * Tropical Bog Plant * Ward Off Snakes * Increases Natural Filtration Variegated Society Garlic as known as Silver Lace is a beautiful ornamental plant for the water garden. The long thin foliage is variegated green and white and gives the plant a silvery appearance. The stems and leaves have a…
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