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  • The Pond Guy® AquaStream™ Filter Sock


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    …with the AquaStream™ Filter Sock. Constructed with durable 1/8 mesh fabric and 1 filtration media the AquaStream™'s pond fountain filter sock will stop debris from entering into the motor. Simply set the motor into the AquaStream™ Filter Sock and pull the sewn-in drawstring to…
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  • Plant Socks


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    …Available in Two Sizes For Your Planting Needs Create a more natural look by contouring your pond's edges and curves with these strong flexible plant socks. Now you can protect your plants from fish while keeping the roots from taking over your pond. The finely woven material is incredibly durable…
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    $12.99 - 15.99
  • …out of your pond larger fish will usually stay from the pump on their own but if you are concerned that some fish are getting too close use a pump sock. The next item to add to the holding tank is an aeration kit like the PondAir™2. An aeration kit will ensure the oxygen levels in the holding…