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Solar Aeration Fountain

  • Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit 8' x 11'


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    …cascades over a waterfall lip and moves down rocks that have been set to create a beautiful natural-looking outdoor waterfall. The waterfall creates aeration for your pond and breaks down pond wastes assisting in the circulation and health of the water. EcoWave 2000 Pond Pump • Pumps Water from…
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  • Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit 6' x 8'

    * Create a Stunning Water Garden in Your Backyard * 6'L x 8'W Medium Koi Pond Kit with Waterfall * Includes Water Fountain Pump & Surface Skimmer Update your outdoor landscape with a breathtaking ecosystem pond that can be created with all-in-one DIY koi pond kits. Aquascape pond kits work with your…
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  • …adequate aeration. When the pond has a depth of 6 feet or less than a fountain will act as both an aerator as well as a decorative piece. Please note: Depending on your pond's size you may need more than one Fountain to properly aerate. Surface Aeration: Similar to fountains surface aeration systems…
    …pond aeration systems can be used in ponds up to 15' deep. Solar Powered Aeration Systems – Another alternative energy option for customers looking to go green. These pond aeration systems can be used in ponds up to 25' deep and can have up to 4 diffuser plates. Decorative Fountains –…
    …live-animal trap baited with cat food or tuna to trap and relocate them. If that does not work you can trick raccoons using the Nite Guard Solar deterrent. With solar-powered red LED Lights that are activated at dusk the Nite Guard Solar resembles a predator's flashing eyes scaring away the raccoon.
    …and will catch on quickly if a decoy stays in one spot for too long so keep it moving to keep it guessing. * Add Movement: Adding an aerator or a beautiful fountain display can do more than adding oxygen to the water and setting a pretty scene. The added movement in the water can challenge the…
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