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Standard Koi

  • Live Koi Packages - Bronze


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    koi at a fraction of the cost when you buy your koi fish online. All live koi packages are intended for ponds no less than 2000 gallons that contain adequate aeration and filtration to handle increased fish capacity. Bronze Koi Package includes 6 Choice Standard Fin Koi. Once ordered your koi will…
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  • …Fish naturally multiply and grow. The more fish the more waste so fish loads must be controlled. General rule? With standard filtration and 60% plant coverage allow 1-2 koi or 2-3 goldfish per 200 gallons of water. If you need help figuring out how much filtration your fish need give us a…
  • Live Koi Packages - Gold

    …and pattern by Japanese breeders for beautiful high-quality koi delivered to your door. Gold Koi Package includes a mix of (10) 6 - 10 Koi that includes both Standard and Long Butterfly Fin Choice and Elite Koi. Once ordered your koi will ship separately via air carrier on either a Tuesday or…
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  • Live Koi Packages - Silver


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    * High-Quality Koi Delivered to Your Door * Includes 8 Choice Standard & Long Fin Koi * Free Air Delivery Ensures Koi Safety Add and excitement to your pond with high-quality koi delivered directly to your door! 5 Choice Standard Fin and 3 Choice Long Fin Butterfly Koi are hand-selected by top…
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  • Live Koi Packages - Platinum

    * Premium Koi Variety Package * Includes (4) 10−12 Koi Fish * Free Air Delivery Ensures Koi Safety Platinum Koi Packages includes 2 Choice Long Fin/Butterfly Koi and 2 Elite Standard Fin Koi that are between 10-12 inches long. Each koi is hand-picked quarantined and treated so you will receive…
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  • CrystalClear® Platinum Standard Pellet Fish Food


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    …for Growing Show Quality Koi * Made with Spirulina to Enhance Color * Standard Pellet 3.0 mm Size CrystalClear® Platinum Standard Pellet fish food contains a special blend of proteins vitamins and minerals to promote rapid growth. CrystalClear® Platinum Standard also contains Spirulina and…
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    $23.99 - 103.99
  • Atlantic® InfiColor Color Changing LED Light Kits

    * Brass Body LED Pond Lighting Kits * Use in or out of Water * Control Color Changing Lights With Your Smartphone * Great For Koi Ponds Waterfalls & Landscaping Create a beautiful light display for your watergarden with Atlantic Color Changing LED Lights. Customize from an infinite number of…
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    $231.98 - 1345.89