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Submersable Small Pond Pumps

  • Atlantic™ Mag Drive MD-Series Pumps


    (1 reviews)

    …TidalWave Magnetic Induction Pumps are the perfect choice for small water features with low head heights. Hefty and heavy-duty equipped with a removable pre-filter oversize ceramic shafts replaceable impeller assembly and a 20' power cord Atlantic™ TidalWave Mag Drive Pumps are the ones you've…
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    $78.99 - 212.99
  • The Pond Guy® MagFlo™ 290 High Efficiency Pump


    (43 reviews)

    …Waterfall or Relaxing Splash * Compact Submersible Fountain Pump * 1' Fountain Spray Pattern for Small Spaces The Pond Guy MagFlo 290 GPH Pump is ideal for operating small decorative water features and patio water gardens. This high-efficiency magnetic drive pump consumes only 17 watts of power…
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  • Atlantic® TidalWave3 TT-Series Pumps


    (4 reviews)

    * Ultra−High Efficiency Asynchronous Pump * Compact to fit the Tightest Spaces * Clog Resistent & Hard Water Tolerant Atlantic's all new TidalWave3 Asynchronous Pumps are the next generation of ultra-high efficiency asynchronous pumps with more water moved per watt than ever before! This…
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    $169.99 - 545.99
  • …a pump that can produce about 4000 GPH at 5' of head pressure. The Pond Guy® RapidFlo™ – 4000 GPH would be the perfect fit because at 5' of head pressure this pump produces 3900 GPH.Types of Pumps There are two classes of pumps submersible and external. For ponds submersible pumps
  • Pondmaster® Magnetic Drive Utility Pump 190


    (3 reviews)

    …Control The Pondmaster Magnetic Drive - 190 submersible or in-line pump provides a continuous stream of water with an adjustable flow control. The motor is epoxy filled wiping out the possibility of water getting in or leaking anything into the pond. The small design provides up to 190 GPH through a…
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  • Aquascape® DIY Backyard Pond Kit 4' x 6'

    …Remove Pond Debris • Protective Location for Pond Pump Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit all-in-one kit takes the guesswork out of purchasing individual components to build a 4'L x 6'W x 2'D pond. It has everything you need to elevate any small space in your landscaping. Aquascape Pond Kits…
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  • Pond's Water Level Now that your filtration system and pump have been disconnected use a submersible pump and drain hose to lower the pond level below the opening of the skimmer. Next pump the water out of the skimmer box. While it is not necessary to remove skimmers or waterfall boxes from the pond
    …other build-ups. Start from the top of the pond such as a waterfall and work your way down forcing the dirty water toward the pump for removal. The ClearVac Pond Vacuum may be helpful for emptying out the last few inches of water and small debris that the pump cannot reach. For rocks with stubborn…