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Submersible Pond Aerator

  • CrystalClear KoiAir Water Garden Aeration Kit


    (49 Reviews)

    …the koi pond aerator kits stays submerged at the bottom of your pond even when filled with air. Protect your investment with a TrueRock Small Boulder to cover your water garden aeration unit. Choose the combo option in the drop down menu for additional savings on your koi pond aeration system! -->
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    $219.99 - 461.98
  • Airmax Shallow Water Series Aerate up to ½ Acre


    (18 Reviews)

    …Water Series Aeration Systems are designed to provide maximum aeration and circulation in even the shallowest bodies of water. These water aeration systems are ideal for ponds that typically require multiple aeration plates due to depth restrictions. This shallow pond aeration system has a powerful…
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    $1149.99 - 1999.99
  • Blue Thumb IllumiFlow Pumps


    (6 Reviews)

    * Hybrid Direct & Magnetic Drive Pump * Thermal Overload Protection * Aerates & Oxygenates Water Blue Thumb IllumiFlow Pumps are a hybrid direct drive/magnetic drive pump. Meaning they offer the flow rates of direct drive pumps with the low energy costs of magnetic drive pumps. IllumiFlow…
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    $197.99 - 440.99
  • Kasco 1 HP 4400AF Surface Aerator 115V or 230V

    …230 Volt Kasco 4400AF 115 Volt and 4400HAF 230 Volt Pond Surface Aerator package includes assembled 1 HP motor unit UV resistant float 3 (50') braided nylon mooring lines and 3 wire power cable in lengths ranging from 50' to 400'. This submersible motor operates in just 19 inches of water and has a…
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    $1236.00 - 2701.00
  • Aquascape Medium 11' x 16' Pond Kit w/AquaSurge Pro Pump

    …1000 Pond Skimmer also houses and hides the submersible pond pump and plumbing from view which creates a more natural-looking pond. Signature Series 2500 BioFalls Filter • Biological Pond Filter Removes Water Particles • Beautiful Natural-Looking Water Display • Creates Aeration by…
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  • …overwintering in the pond it may be necessary to have multiple holes in the ice as the gasses will build up quicker. Sizing Your De-Icer Which de-icer is best for your situation? It will depend on how many gallons your pond holds and if you're using it alone or with an aeration system. First here's…
    …Dry: * Waders * Aqua Gloves If you have fish: * Holding tank or kiddie pool * Fish Net * Pond Netting * Aeration Kit For Draining & Cleaning: * Submersible pump and drain hose * Power Washer * ClearVac Pond Vacuum * Oxy-Lift Defense * Black Waterfall Foam For Jumpstarting Biological Filters: *…
  • Power House High Volume Surface Aerators


    (2 Reviews)

    …Transfer * Ideal for Supplemental Pond Aeration in Shallow Water * Circulates Water with Little to No Bottom Turbulence Power House F-Series Surface Aerators offers single and dual propeller surface aerators that increase oxygen levels and create movement in shallow ponds up to 1-1/2 acres that can…
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    $900.00 - 2100.00
  • …in the pond. Install an aeration kit such as The Pond Guy Pond Aerator in the shallow area of your pond. If you already have an aeration kit installed simply relocate air stones or diffusers to the shallower part of the pond. This will leave an undisturbed area at the bottom of your pond for your…
  • The Pond Guy Pond Aerator


    (122 Reviews)

    …Use The Pond Guy Pond Aerator is the ideal choice for aerating water gardens and koi ponds between 1000 and 6000 gallons. With the energy efficient diaphragm compressor paired with a low-maintenance non-stick PTFE Membrane diffuser stick your pond will receive the benefits of aeration. Choose…
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    $149.99 - 269.98
  • Airmax PondSeries Aerate up to 8 Acres


    (39 Reviews)

    …quality components. The World's Best Aerator Airmax has re-engineered their line of pond aeration systems to bring you the World's Best Aerator: • The Most Effective • The Quietest • The Most Efficient Pond Aeration System • Airmax Pond Aeration is The Easiest to Install ProAir4…
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    $1399.99 - 5249.99
  • CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kits


    (180 Reviews)

    …PondAir Aeration Kits infuse your pond with valuable oxygen while remaining whisper-quiet and cost effective. An airflow control valve on the top of the pond aerator lets you adjust the aeration output to your pond with the simple turn of a dial. Every CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kit includes…
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    $49.99 - 127.98

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