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Summer Maintenance

    …every week or so will remove any debris that has fallen into the pond to prevent a large unsightly buildup. Test the Water Another part of summer pond maintenance is checking the water for pH nitrite ammonia and phosphate. Too much nitrite ammonia and phosphate in the water can wreak havoc with fish…
    Just like your car regularly scheduled maintenance will keep your plants in top performance. From start up to shut down we have tips to help you check off your to-do list. Divvy in Spring When the ice starts to melt it means that spring is just around the corner. Start the pond season off by thawing…
  • Hikari Economy Fish Food


    (2 Reviews)

    * Economical Daily Maintenance Diet * Great For All Pond Fish * Will Not Cloud The Water Hikari Economy Fish Food is a daily food for pond fish including koi providing them with the basic nutrition they require to live a long and healthy life. This koi and goldfish food includes floating pellets…
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    $33.49 - 131.99
  • TetraPond Pond Sticks Fish Food


    (8 Reviews)

    …Staple Food For All Pond Fish * Formulation Provides Nutrients & Vitamins * Highly Digestible Fofr Less Waste TetraPond Pond Sticks are a maintenance fish food enriched with essential vitamins to help keep your fish healthy active and energized. The Pond Sticks are a special blend that is…
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    $21.99 - 69.99
  • TetraPond Koi Growth Fish Food


    (3 Reviews)

    * High Protein Diet For Young Fish Growth * Formulation Provides Amino Acids For Maintenance * Great For Young & Old Fish TetraPond Koi Growth fish food is enriched with essential vitamins to help keep your fish healthy active and energized. Koi Growth is special blend of food for koi fish…
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  • Get out your hip waders. It's spring cleaning and summer chore time in your pond! Getting rid of all that debris and gunk that has accumulated in your waterfall is probably one of the items on your to-do list especially if you have patio and pond parties planned right? Don't worry: Waterfall…
    …leaves and debris which means less cleaning and easier maintenance come spring. Aeration also circulates the water column infusing it with oxygen for your fish. If the water is not circulated it naturally separates by temperature: In the summer the warm oxygen-rich water sits on the top while the…
    …maintained so if you've been using your aeration system for the summer or it has been dormant since last winter it will need some attention. Check to make sure the air stones/diffusers are working properly and install a maintenance kit to ensure it's working to its full potential. Combine a De-Icer…
  • Thalia Dealbata Canna

    …Leaves All Season Thalia Dealbata Canna creates an impressive focal point to any water garden. This low maintenance aquatic perennial hardy water bog plant attracts butterflies in late summer. The tropical-looking blueish-green canna-like leaves are 6 to 21 long and are covered with a white powdery…
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  • …make a great addition for the summer when your bacteria are active but it will also help keep a hole open in the ice during winter. Even Stevens The best bet for your pond and pocketbook is to stick to using the doses listed on the product labels for regular maintenance. After clean-outs or chemical…
    …stress factors that affect fish will be at their lowest. Once acclimated to your pond they will be primed to flourish. Fish can also be added in the summer but they will need a little more time to adjust. Acclimating Fish After stocking your pond acclimating fish is simple. Place the transportation…
    …to try out a different fishing hole. * Summer - Unless there is a big predator problem most pond owners will remove pond netting in the summer. This allows you to enjoy the view unobstructed and to have easy access to the pond for fish feeding and maintenance. * Fall - This is prime pond cover net…

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