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  • Pump Shut-Off Switch


    (3 Reviews)

    …Use in Skimmers * Protect Your Pump From Low Water Simply plug your pump into this easy-to-use Pump Shut-Off Switch and have the confidence that your pump will never run dry again! If water depletes to a certain point the pump switches off automatically. Includes: 8 foot power cord with cable tie.
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  • Power House 24 Hour Timers

    …sets of trippers. Intermatic T104P Mechanical Dial Time Switch The Intermatic T104P 24 hour mechanical dial time switch fits 230-Volt equipment only. Designed for industrial commercial and residential applications. This direct 24-hour time switch control can handle electrical loads up to 40 amps per…
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    $85.00 - 225.00
  • Tsurumi Low Level Shutoff Switch

    * Protects Tsurumi VANCS Pumps * Easy Skimmer Mounting * Heavy Duty Cord No Adjustments Needed Safeguard your Tsurumi VANCS Pump from being exposed to the air when water evaporates and reduces the water levels in your pond skimmer. Tsurumi's convenient piggyback design is easy to mount without…
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  • Thermo Cube Thermostatically Controlled Outlet


    (13 Reviews)

    * Thermostatically Activated Switch * Save Up To 50% On Electricity Costs * Great For Running De−Icers The Thermo Cube is a unique and handy electrical plug that fits into any standard 115 volt outlet. Both outlets on the plug are thermostatically controlled by an internal air temperature…
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  • Aqua Ultraviolet Viper UV Clarifier - 400 Watt


    (1 Reviews)

    * 400 Watt UV Clarifier w/Flow Switch * Ideal for Ponds up to 50000 Gallons * Clears Green & Discolored Water Aqua Ultraviolet Viper UV Clarifiers are ideal for large commercial or residential ponds and water features up to 50000 gallons. The specially designed 4-inch 400-Watt lamp disinfects…
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    $2275.00 - 3274.60
  • Nite Guard Solar


    (20 Reviews)

    …and an urge to flee the area. The Nite Guard Solar utilizes a solar panel to charge the energy efficient LED light and an automatic photosensitive switch ensuring the unit turns on when you need it most. The Nite Guard Solar animal repeller is sealed completely weatherproof and is constructed with a…
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  • TetraPond GreenFree Ultraviolet Clarifiers


    (13 Reviews)

    …The view window built into the body of the TetraPond GreenFree allow you to see if the UV bulb is functioning without opening the unit. A safety switch on the TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifier powers off the UV bulb when the unit is opened protecting both yourself and the equipment. Step down barbed…
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    $119.99 - 279.99
  • Aquascape UltraKlear UV Clarifier/Sterilizer

    …is designed with a quick-release and quartz sleeve bumper for instant access for cleaning and replacement without breaking. A built-in safety switch automatically turns the bulb off when the electronic ballast is removed. An assortment of multi-hose (1- 1½) adapters rotational ball fittings…
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    $191.98 - 287.98
  • Oase FiltoClear Pressure Filter System


    (16 Reviews)

    …starts flocculating (clumping) microscopic green algae which then can be removed very easily by the filter. A simple rotation of the cleaning switch and a few pulls on the cleaning handle will easily and effectively remove trapped debris inside the filter without ever getting your hands dirty.…
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    $406.99 - 655.99
  • …nets themselves are collapsible for easy storage. The skimmer and fish nets also come on their own handle so you will not have to take the time to switch attachments between jobs. Heavy Duty Pond Net Combo For ponds that are a bit bigger The Pond Guy Heavy Duty Pond Net Combo has a reach of over 9'.…
  • Aquascape Smart Pond Thermometer

    …Changes Managing your water garden or koi pond has never been easier during the changing seasons. Eliminate guessing when the best time to switch the type of fish food and water treatments or when to begin using a pond de-icer by installing the Aquascape Smart Pond Thermometer. This specially…
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    $63.99 - 79.99
  • …to grow and add mass. In the spring and fall your fish will lack the digestive enzymes needed to break down their summer food so you will want to switch over to a wheat germ based diet like Spring & Fall Fish Food. This is a carbohydrate-heavy food that is easier to for your fish to metabolize…
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