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  • DekoRRa Faux Rocks


    (35 Reviews)

    …Faux Rock * Protect Equipment From The Elements * Hide Ugly Lawn Features DekoRRa offers a complete line of faux rock enclosures for almost any application. Lightweight durable and attractive RealRock material provides realistic faux rock enclosures. A unique flange design allows these DekoRRa rock
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    $69.99 - 449.99
  • Watershed Cascade Triple Fountain Kit

    …Thumb Watershed Cascade Fountain Kit is a trio of angular tall column style faux stones that create a striking skyline. These durable faux boulders are hand crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) to give the illusion of real rock but with the lighter weight provided by GFRC. This rugged…
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  • GFRC Triple Falls Fountain Kits

    …and natural look of one or three bubbling rock boulder sizes with the Blue Thumb Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Fountain Kits. The Triple Falls collection lets you choose from either a single boulder that stands between 9 to 16 inches tall or a set of three boulders at different heights.…
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    $749.99 - 1899.99
  • …properly. Step 5 – Rock Solid Add larger rocks or boulders first then fill in with your smaller gravel. Get creative and rework the area a few times to get the design you want. Use waterfall foam to fill in the gaps between rocks. Not only will this secure the rocks but it will also keep your…
  • Water Snowball Bundle of 5


    (2 Reviews)

    …garden. Monarch butterflies will cover the plants during their fall migration. A mature Water Snowball plant branches freely and will grow to 3' tall and wide branching out on the water surface. Water Snowball will grow in a wide range of growing conditions from moist soil to using as a submerged…
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  • …Fish Habitats If you would prefer to create a more natural fish habitat in your pond the best options are to use a combination of rocks plants trees and logs. Rocks Boulders or cinder blocks are another good way to introduce a place for fish to hide and for algae to grow. Piles of boulders or…
    …Nesting Spot: Red-winged blackbirds often use cattails for a perching and nesting spot. Waterfowl like mallards and Canadian geese also use the tall tightly bunched leaves and stalks for nesting. Turkeys - as well as deer raccoon and other mammals - use cattails as cover from predators. *…
  • Variegated Water Celery


    (2 Reviews)

    …lace-like flower when mature. Variegated Water Celery can be a ground cover plant in wet areas since it has a running spread and grows up to 10 tall. A great choice for a bog filter along the edge of ponds streambeds or draping down a waterfall. Since fish can't get enough of this healthy snack…
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