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Tall Rock

  • DekoRRa® Faux Rocks


    (9 reviews)

    …faux rock enclosures. A unique flange design allows these DekoRRa rock enclosures to be secured to the ground with stakes. When they are installed with secure anchors and surrounded by landscaping stone or mulch, it is virtually impossible to distinguish DekoRRa® faux rocks from real rock. The…
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    $59.99 - 389.99
  • Golden Creeping Jenny, Bundle of 5


    (3 reviews)

    …against its golden-like leaves. This low-growing plant will form leafy ground covering mats that are in between 1-4" tall. Creeping Jenny is great for filling in between rocks or waterfall and great for planters. These bog garden plants are sold in bundles of 5. Please review our 14-Day Live Goods…
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  • Water Snowball, Bundle of 5


    (2 reviews)

    …garden. Monarch butterflies will cover the plants during their fall migration. A mature Water Snowball plant branches freely and will grow to 3' tall and wide, branching out on the water surface. Water Snowball will grow in a wide range of growing conditions, from moist soil to using as a submerged…
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