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Tall Water Plants

    …with plants that are native to your area. Using native plants will help make it harder for invasive species to take over. There are some disadvantages of using plants as fish structures in ponds. Make sure to keep the plants under control as they can spread quickly and take over a pond. Use plant
    …insects birds and fish. These aquatic critters use the plants for all sorts of things: * Nesting Spot: Red-winged blackbirds often use cattails for a perching and nesting spot. Waterfowl like mallards and Canadian geese also use the tall tightly bunched leaves and stalks for nesting. Turkeys -…
  • Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kits

    …with water and enjoy. (Small fish and plants can be added to complete your look but are sold separately). Water Garden Container • Durable Injection-Molded Construction • 23.5 Inch Diameter x 9-7/8 Inch Tall Bowl • Available in Mocha Brown or Steel Gray The AquaGarden Mini Patio water
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