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  • Pond Logic Floating Pond Thermometer


    (33 Reviews)

    …Float & Tether Keep Pond Thermometer Close * Displayed In Fahrenheit and Celsius * Temperature Zones Simplify Readings The Pond Logic Floating Pond Thermometer makes keeping track of your water temperatures simple and fast. A built in float and 6 foot tether keep this pond and lake water…
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  • Power House Thermostat

    …Eaters On/Off as Air Temperatures Rise & Fall * Moisture-Proof Box Stainless Steel Coil & Protable Hanger Monitor the condition of your dock even while you are away with the Power House Thermostat. This outdoor ambient air temperature thermostat has adjustable temperature ranges: 115V unit ranges…
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  • CrystalClear Spring & Fall Prep


    (5 Reviews)

    …season to accelerate the decomposition of leaves scum and sediment that create pond muck during the fall and winter months. These easy-to-use water-soluble packets are safe for fish plants pets and wildlife while keeping your pond looking its best even when water temperatures drop below 60°F.
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    $19.99 - 31.99
  • Farm Innovators Floating Pond De-Icer


    (15 Reviews)

    …of your pond allowing harmful gases to escape. The Farm Innovators Floating Pond Deicer is thermostatically controlled and turns on only when temperatures drop below 35°F. The Farm Innovators Floating Pond De-Icer comes with a 10' power cord and is safe for rubber and plastic liners. The Farm…
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  • Thermo Cube Thermostatically Controlled Outlet


    (9 Reviews)

    …on the plug are thermostatically controlled by an internal air temperature sensor turning the power on when air temperatures drop to 35°F and back off again at 45°F. Since the Thermo Cube is an outdoor temperature controlled outlet it will save on energy costs by running your Floating…
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  • …can all be especially true during the warmer months of the year. Test Your Pond's Temperature If you think your aerator isn't doing its job it's easy to diagnose: Just take your pond's temperature! Recording temperature readings from various areas and depths of the pond to help determine if you are…
  • Atlantic Warm White LED Pond Lights 3-Pack


    (1 Reviews)

    * 3 Pack 1 Watt Warm White LEDs Use in or out of Water * Durable Housing Resists Impact & Temperature Extremes * Precision Lenses Guarantee Weather & Waterproof Performance Atlantic Warm White SOL 3-Pack Light Set uses energy efficient long lasting LEDs with 40000 hour Cree diodes for top…
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  • Airmax EcoBoost


    (39 Reviews)

    …ponds that receive large amounts of nutrient run-off from lawn fertilizers storm drains or has a muck problem. EcoBoost is not affected by water temperature and continues to work from winter to summer. So even in the colder months when bacteria are less active the trace minerals found in EcoBoost…
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    $99.99 - 224.99
  • …landscape's aesthetic; it also shades it from sunlight which can kick-start algae blooms as the mercury rises. * PondClear and MuckAway: When water temperatures rise to a consistent 50°F you can start using the beneficial bacteria found in PondClear and MuckAway to break down nutrients suspended…
    …out koi colors keep the water a comfortable temperature and help your plants grow. If you think your fish are already showing signs of heat stress check your water temperature with a pond thermometer and do a partial water change if the water temperatures reach the high 70s or above. You might also…
    …valuable oxygen that your fish will need as they travel. Acclimate Your Fish to Their New Environment * Equilize Water Temperature: You will want to gradually equalize the temperature of the water your fish are currently occupying with that of the water in your pond. If the container carrying your…
    …into smaller pieces. Buffet Options When selecting a food make sure to double check the temperature recommendations on the package. You will also want to use a thermometer so you know the water's temperature. Never feed your fish when the water is less than 40°F. At this point they will be in…