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Temperature Control Outlet

  • Thermo Cube® Thermostatically Controlled Outlet


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    …standard 115 volt outlet. Both outlets on the plug are thermostatically controlled by an internal air temperature sensor turning the power on when air temperatures drop to 35°F and back off again at 45°F. Since the Thermo Cube is an outdoor temperature controlled outlet it will save on…
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  • Power House Thermostat

    Temperatures Rise & Fall * Adjustable Temperature Settings & 2 On/Off Setting per Day Save energy and extend the life of your Ice Eater with the Power House Thermostat. This outdoor thermostat controlled outlet allows you to set two on/off settings per day and has an adjustable temperature
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  • …and healthy throughout the winter. To help you save on energy costs consider using the Thermo Cube® Thermostatically Controlled Outlet. It is controlled by air temperature meaning you will only use your de-icer when really necessary. Pond Heaters Versus De-Icers Unless you house warm water fish…
    …Cube Thermostatically Controlled Outlet will help as it is regulated by air temperatures not water temperature. Thus when the sun is shining and air temperatures warm up the Thermo Cube automatically cuts power to the de-icer and turns it back on when the air temperature drops. The combination…
    …with a thermostatically controlled hose to keep water flowing out to the pond. * Step 3: Use When Cold With your rink resurfaced and smoother than a pane of glass you want to keep it that way right? Before you cut into the ice with your blades consider the temperatures outside. Avoid using the…