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    …Keep Pond Thermometer Close * Displayed In Fahrenheit and Celsius * Temperature Zones Simplify Readings The Pond Logic Floating Pond Thermometer makes keeping track of your water temperatures simple and fast. A built in float and 6 foot tether keep this pond and lake water thermometer at the surface…
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  • …determine if you are correct. * To begin you'll need a non-floating pond thermometer a long string a tape measure a waterproof marker a stopwatch or watch and a pad of paper and pencil. Tie the string to your thermometer and measure and mark every 24 inches down the length of the string with your…
    …pieces. Buffet Options When selecting a food make sure to double check the temperature recommendations on the package. You will also want to use a thermometer so you know the water's temperature. Never feed your fish when the water is less than 40°F. At this point they will be in hibernation and…
    …their system and give them some extra nutrients. Food for Thought Though you can resume feeding your fish their wheat germ food when your pond thermometer consistently reads above 40°F in spring you may want to consider waiting until the water temperatures get between 45-55°F. After the long…
    …temperature and help your plants grow. If you think your fish are already showing signs of heat stress check your water temperature with a pond thermometer and do a partial water change if the water temperatures reach the high 70s or above. You might also want to add some pond salt which will help…

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