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Thermostat Plug

  • Thermo Cube® Thermostatically Controlled Outlet


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    * Thermostatically Activated Switch * Save Up To 50% On Electricity Costs * Great For Running De−Icers The Thermo Cube is a unique and handy electrical plug that fits into any standard 115 volt outlet. Both outlets on the plug are thermostatically controlled by an internal air temperature…
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  • Power House Thermostat

    …designated on temperature. Available in two models. The 115V model comes with a plug receptacle and an 8' power cord ready for in-line use. Just plug into wall socket and then plug Ice Eater into the back of the plug and set the temperature. The 230V model is for hard wiring only. It comes standard…
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  • …de-icers are thermostatically controlled to turn on when the water temperatures are around 35 degrees to help cut down on energy costs however cold water takes a long time to warm up leaving your de-icer running more often than it needs to. Plugging your de-icer into the Thermo Cube Thermostatically