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  • Live Koi Packages - Silver


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    …* Includes 8 Choice Standard & Long Fin Koi * Free Air Delivery Ensures Koi Safety Add and excitement to your pond with high-quality koi delivered directly to your door! 5 Choice Standard Fin and 3 Choice Long Fin Butterfly Koi are hand-selected by top Japanese breeders and raised in optimal…
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  • Live Koi Packages - Bronze


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    …Beautiful Koi Delivered to Your Door * Includes 6 Choice Standard Fin Koi * Free Air Delivery to Ensure Koi Safety Near import quality koi are delivered directly to your doorstop! The broodstock for our fish was hand-selected by top Japanese breeders and raised in identical conditions. As a result…
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  • API Pond Stress Coat


    (2 Reviews)

    …torn fins and fish wounds. API Pond Stress Coat is a unique water conditioner that also detoxifies heavy metals and instantly removes chlorine chloramines and the ammonia associated with the chloramines to make tap water safe for pond fish. Add it to your pond as needed when topping off water…
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    $10.99 - 54.99
  • …large red markings (hi). Top quality Kohaku display a bright blemish-free white combined with deep vibrant red patterns that are evenly distributed along the body. Some common variations of Kohaku include; * Tancho - Solid white body with only a single red dot on the top of the head. * Doitsu -…
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