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  • Tomahawk Live Fish Trap


    (2 Reviews)

    …Perfect for Humanely Trapping Live Fish * Single Trap Door Helps Keep Fish in Place * Made of Steel Mesh with Top Mounted Handles Tomahawk Live Fish Traps are great for sampling or removing bait and game fish from overpopulated ponds and lakes. This rigid extra-large fish trap allows multiple fish…
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  • Tomahawk Live Muskrat Trap


    (2 Reviews)

    * Humanely Trap Unwanted Muskrats * Galvanized Steel 1 x 1 Wire Mesh * Live Trap With 2 Trap Doors Tomahawk Live Muskrat Traps are ideal for trapping nuisance muskrats that chew pond equipment power cords or dig tunnels and holes by the pond. Made in the U.S.A. with heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized 1…
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  • Aqua Ultraviolet Ultra Media

    …systems Includes 8.5 pounds or 1 cubic foot of tubular bio media and is designed to promote bacterial growth. This beneficial bacteria converts ammonia into harmless compounds and traps solids without clumping. Please Note: the A70012 media is not designed to be used with the Ultima II Filters.
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  • Tomahawk Live Turtle Traps


    (4 Reviews)

    …Collapsible Humane Traps * Ideal for Trapping Snapping Turtles Tomahawk Live Collapsible Turtle Traps are great for controlling turtle populations in ponds and lakes. Collapsible Turtle Traps are quickly and easily deployed or folded with no tools required. When collapsed these traps are just 1/10…
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    $134.99 - 189.99
  • Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmers


    (5 Reviews)

    …pond's edge this pond skimmer continuously sweeps the surface of the water drawing in leaves and other floating debris into its weir where it gets trapped in a debris net or rigid leaf basket. A pond skimmer is an integral component of a balanced ecosystem. By removing the debris before it sinks to…
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    $343.98 - 692.99
  • The Pond Guy ClearSkim 7-Inch Net


    (3 Reviews)

    * 7 Skimmer Debris Net * Traps Large Debris * Protects Your Pump The Pond Guy Replacement 7 Skimmer Net will replace the existing net for the ClearSkim Skimmer. The mesh netting and metal frame will trap leaves twigs and other floating garden pond debris to protect your pump.
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  • Pond King Floating Turtle Trap


    (20 Reviews)

    …Turtles * 1 Trap For Every 4−5 Acres The Pond King Floating Turtle Trap deal for relocating turtles from an overpopulated pond or lake. Works on a variety of sun bathing turtles including the red eared slider that may wreak havoc on bluegill and bass spawning beds. Use 1 trap for every 4-5…
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  • Blue Thumb Replacement Skimmer Nets


    (6 Reviews)

    …Skimmer Debris Nets for Blue Thumb Skimmers * Traps Large Debris * Protects Your Pump Blue Thumb Replacement Skimmer Nets will replace existing nets for the following Blue Thumb Skimmers: Serenity and the Elite Series. The mesh netting and metal frame will trap leaves twigs and other floating garden…
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    $23.99 - 39.99
  • Aquascape Signature Series Replacement Skimmer Weir Door

    The Weir Door is a replacement part for the Aquascape Signature Series Pond Skimmer. The weir door is a small trap door in the front of the skimmer filter. The door uses surface tension to drag water into the skimmer to collect floating pond debris inside the basket and net where it can be easily…
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    $19.99 - 24.99
  • …its own shell to its hind feet and snap your fingers and it can scratch you with its sharp claws. Instead trap it in a turtle trap like a Tomahawk Live Trap. The 32-by-18-by-9-inch trap made with 12-gauge wire comes pre-assembled and ready to use. Simply place it in the water partially submerged…
  • CrystalClear MuckOff


    (43 Reviews)

    …muck MuckOff also clears water removes odor and reduces ammonia and nutrient accumulations. Many ponds are constructed with rock and gravel that can trap muck and odor causing nutrients. MuckOff penetrates deep down in between rocks and deep cleans those areas that can't be reached by hand or with a…
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    $16.99 - 139.99
  • …have worn out their welcome you can help them find a new home by using live traps. Turtle traps can be baited with fish or meat and place in shallow areas of the pond with the top of the cage exposed while muskrat traps can be baited with apples near their tunnels. Once you have them under lock and…
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