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    …as smart for fish as it is for people - but for some very different reasons. So in no particular order here they are. There's safety in numbers When pond and lake predators look for a meal they look for easy targets. And while a school of fish might seem like a logical choice it's actually easier to…
    …or trout in your lake. After treating your pond with Algae Defense don't forget to remove the dead algae and debris with a pond rake. This keeps dead algae from becoming additional muck at the bottom of your pond. Finally to keep your pond water clear and remove accumulated pond muck treat your pond
    …plant matter. Predators include walleye trout bass northern pike and catfish. Using Baitfish When it comes to using bait fish you have two options: stock your pond with them and keep a separate supply on hand to use when you do some fishing. To stock your pond with bait fish purchase a supply from…
    …hardness of your pond or lake should ideally fall between 50 ppm and 200 ppm. Fish Friendly The beneficiaries of the hard water's buffering calcium and magnesium are your fish. Carbonate hardness in your pond or lake affects the sensitivity of certain fish--mainly trout koi and goldfish--to…
  • Hydro Glow Underwater LED Fishing Lights


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    …supply. The 10-watt 1-foot long light is ideal for ice fishing or shallow water fishing off kayaks and small boats. Great for targeting speckled trout red crappie and shrimping. If you are looking for something more versatile the 20-watt 2-foot long light is for targeting both freshwater and…
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    $76.00 - 180.50
  • …nuisance to pond owners especially in the summer. Sunshine warm temperatures reduced oxygen levels and an abundance of nutrients nurture the tiny organisms and in no time they may take over your pond. Algae Explained Algae does not have a defined root system and often floats on the pond's surface in…
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