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  • TetraPond Vacation Food Slow Release Feeder Block


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    …* Gel Block Does Not Cloud Water * One Block Feeds Up To 7 Days TetraPond Vacation Food is a slow release gel block to nourish your fish while you are away. It is nutritionally balanced for all your pond fish. The Vacation Food does not cloud water and does not disintegrate on its own; the fish will…
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  • …help your fish maintain their size without adding bulk as they become more active during the summer months. * Vacation: Make sure your fish get fed while you are away. TetraPond Vacation Food will continually release fish meal and shrimp algae from a gel-based block over a 7 day period. Play with…
    …a cool glass of lemonade while sitting on your dock and watching your fountain cast rainbows against a blue sky. There is a reason why folks vacation at their favorite lake house! You could have one of your own in your back yard. * Creates a Wildlife Habitat: If you like the great outdoors and…
    …in spring. * Tropical Bulbs: Lilies canna and other plants with bulbs or tubers that prefer temperatures above your climate should take a winter vacation from your water garden. These plants can either become dormant or you can try your hand at growing them indoors. * Tropical Bog Plants: The Yellow…
    …to the tranquil sounds of water flowing over a waterfall or stream. * A Home Investment: With changes in economic tides many have been trading vacations for staycations and are looking for ways to build on their biggest investment – their home. Building a water feature is the perfect way for…
    …of color to your pond and really stand out. * Blue-Green Pond Dye: Ever wanted to come home to a tranquil setting that reminds you of being on vacation? We recommend Caribbean Blue a special blend of blue and yellow dyes designed to absorb specific wavelengths of light. The result is an aqua blue…
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