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  • Atlantic FastFalls Spillway Oasis & Pro Series


    (4 Reviews)

    * Durable Waterfall Spillway * Designed for Pumps up to 9000 GPH * Handles up to 33000 Pounds Create a beautiful waterfall to any pond or pondless water feature with Atlantic FastFalls Spillway. Immensely strong FastFalls Spillways set the standard with an internal baffle system stabilized by…
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    $138.99 - 358.99
  • Airmax MuckAway


    (280 Reviews)

    * Removes Up To 2 of Pond Muck Per Month * Spot Treat Your Shoreline * Digest Accumulated Organic Debris * Improves Water & Habitat for Fish & Wildlife Have you ever waded into your pond or lake and your feet instantly sink into the slimy ooze? It can be a little alarming. Thankfully Airmax MuckAway…
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    $89.99 - 349.99
  • Microbe-Lift Sludge Away


    (27 Reviews)

    * Promote A Balanced Ecosystem * Deep Clean Hard to Reach Crevices * Improve Water Clarity Don't let accumulated debris hang around long enough to release fish toxic gas! Microbe-Lift Sludge Away easily dissolves pond bottom muck and debris. Sludge Away works effectively in ponds with rock and…
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    $25.19 - 60.76
  • Blue Thumb Suwaru Fountain Kit

    * Great for Small Spaces * Japanese Zen Garden Influence * Unique Natural Design The Blue Thumb Suwaru Fountain Kit invites you to sit and meditate with nature. Designed with a Japanese influence the Suwaru Fountain Kit blends rough stone edges and natural earth tones with a black polished accent…
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  • Atlantic Standard 4 Way Splitter

    * Easily Connect Multiple Fixtures * Neaten and Organize Wiring * Removable Weatherproof Caps Atlantic quick-connect 4 way splitter makes connecting multiple fixtures fast and easy. Splitters are available for both Warm White and Color Changing Atlantic Lighting. Use the 4 way splitter to simplify…
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    $17.99 - 25.99
  • Oase Waterfall Pump


    (23 Reviews)

    * Elegant Design Clever Operation * Ideal for Waterfalls or Elaborate Streams * Compact Design Great for Skimmers Perfect for a simple trickling waterfall or elaborate stream the Oase Waterfall Pumps are designed to handle debris up to 1/4 and to clean premium ceramic shafts and bearings for maximum…
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    $182.99 - 529.99
  • Power House Motor Assembly Ice Eater & Weeds Away

    * Replacement for Ice Eaters & Weeds Away * Complete Motor Assembly With Canister & Cord * Includes Propeller Brackets & Aluminum Anode This complete Motor Assembly is ideal for owners who need to replace the motor but already have a shroud from an older Ice Eater or Weeds Away weed and…
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    $840.00 - 1505.00
  • Airmax Shallow Water Series Aerate up to ½ Acre


    (27 Reviews)

    Airmax Shallow Water Series Aeration Systems are designed to provide maximum aeration and circulation in even the shallowest bodies of water. These water aeration systems are ideal for ponds that typically require multiple aeration plates due to depth restrictions. This shallow pond aeration system…
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    $1149.99 - 1999.99
  • Power House Weeds Away


    (1 Reviews)

    * Pushes Weeds and Muck Away * Keep Docks and Swim Areas Clear * Kits Include Screen and Dock Mount Power House Weeds Away creates a powerful water current to push aquatic weeds and pond muck away from your dock marina pier or swimming areas. Operating in as little as 2' of water the 3/4 HP and 1 HP…
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    $1000.00 - 1397.00
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