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Water Agitator

  • Kasco 3/4 HP 3400AF Surface Aerator 115V or 230V


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    …creates and pushes water droplets into the air allowing efficient transfer of oxygen to the water. Oxygenated water gets dispersed throughout the body of water by the agitation and movement created from the 3/4 motor. These units can operate in as little as 17.5-Inches of water and sits on the…
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    $1007.00 - 2266.00
  • Aquascape Pond Powerhead Pump

    …Circulation Surface Agitation and Aeration The Aquascape Pond Powerhead submersible pump eliminates stagnant areas in your pond resulting in clean and clear water. This small pond pump uses a powerful jet of water to provide circulation aeration and surface agitation in water garden ponds. Ideal for…
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  • water (buckets gutters and ditches) and regularly change the water in animal troughs pet dishes and birdbaths.* Keep the Water Moving: In your pond or lake add an Airmax aeration system or pond fountain to improve oxidation and eliminate stagnant water. Females won't want to lay eggs in agitating
    …flows into the lake or pond from the underground aquifer the water does move somewhat. But it doesn't keep it agitated enough to naturally aerate it and maintain good water quality. Have you ever swam in your pond and felt very cold water at your feet? Many pond owners believe these cold zones…
  • Jenlis Muck Razer


    (9 Reviews)

    …the water and push back and forth across any muck or submerged aquatic vegetation. This agitation aerates the muck layer allowing natural bacteria such as MuckAway to accelerate muck decomposition helping to produce a firm pond bottom. The Jenlis Muck Razer can also be used out of the water to…
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  • Tsurumi Portable Cleanout Pump

    …Fall Pond Cleanouts The Tsurumi 1/2 HP Portable Cleanout Pump is designed to pump water containing sand debris and solids up to 1/4 in size with minimal wear and clogging with its built-in shaft mount agitator. It is the perfect pump to perform spring and fall cleanouts. This durable and…
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