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Water Bouncers

  • RAVE Sports® Slidewalk™

    Water Park * Large Slip n' Slide Connect your Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ Water Trampoline or Bongo™ Water Bouncer with the Slidewalk™ by RAVE Sports® to complete your water park experience! The Slidewalk™ can be used to connect two or more water trampolines or water bouncers
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  • RAVE Sports® Aqua Log™

    …Eclipse™ Water Trampoline or Bongo™ Bouncer in less than 20 minutes. The Aqua Log is made from durable commercial-grade reinforced PVC that is UV-treated and mold/mildew resistant for long-lasting performance. The Small 10' Log connects to the: Aqua Jump 120 or Bongo Bouncer 10 and 13.…
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