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Water Column

  • Twisting Cascade Triple Fountain Kit

    …The column fountains will offer a cascading water effect while the anchoring basin boulder allows for a gentle pulse of water. Crafted of durable glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) these fountains give the look of real rugged stone but without the weight. The Twisting Cascade Fountain columns
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  • Airmax PondClear Beneficial Bacteria


    (191 Reviews)

    …PondClear naturally improves water clarity by consuming suspended organic wastes in the water column and at the pond bottom. The billions of specifically selected bacteria strains found in PondClear go to work immediately to digest organic debris that causes cloudy water leaving you with a clean…
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    $39.99 - 469.99
  • …in the water column or at the bottom of the pond – which is something your fish will thank you for. * Winter Water Quality – Though your fish and filtration system goes dormant for the winter the organic debris will continue to decompose and release gas into the water column. When ice…
  • Atlantic Eco-Rise Water Feature Riser


    (4 Reviews)

    …Reservoirs of any Size Shape or Volume * Ports Allow you to Adjust Statuary any Size While Running * Lifetime Warranty Atlantic Eco-Rise is a pondless water feature riser. Create reservoirs of practically any size shape or volume supporting any number of decorative items with complete adjustability.…
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  • …those excess nutrients in the water column with a water change you can discourage the growth of algae. * Fights Foam: Foam forms when excess organic material has accumulated in your water garden. When this nutrient-laden water pours down your waterfall the air and water collide causing the proteins…
    …in the pond. Introducing an aeration kit the CrystalClear PondAir or KoiAir Aeration Kits will infuse oxygen into the pond and circulate the water column. Adding aeration will not only make a great addition for the summer when your bacteria are active but it will also help keep a hole open in the…
  • Airmax Treatment Booster Plus


    (61 Reviews)

    …to penetrate. Treatment Booster Plus also has been enhanced to work on underwater weeds and algae by breaking the water's surface tension. The treatment is sent directly through the water column delivering on-target results every time. Order with your chemical pond treatment supplies today!
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    $12.99 - 55.99
  • Pond King Honey Hole Canopy


    (1 Reviews)

    * Vertical Dynamic Artificial Fish Habitat * Provides Maximum Water Column Coverage * Creates Ideal Bass or Crappie Fishing Holes Pond King Honey Hole Canopy is perfect for anglers looking to improve their favorite deep-water fishing spot. The Honey Hole Canopy is an affordable vertically dynamic…
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  • …an aeration system now is the time to get it started. Installing an aeration system in your pond will infuse the water column with oxygen and circulate the entire water column. Aeration systems help reduce pond muck formation and weed growth while keeping your fish safe and comfortable. Next…
  • Split Polished Basalt Fountain Kit

    …& Triple Basalt Column Fountain * Calming Movement of Water * Makes a Bold Statement Create a dazzling display of water with a natural stone focal point in your indoor or outdoor living space with a Blue Thumb Split Polished Basalt Fountain Kit. The double and triple stone column fountain is cut…
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    $2099.99 - 2799.99
  • Watershed Cascade Triple Fountain Kit

    * Trio of Tall Column Style Faux Stones * Water Feature Designed for Larger Landscapes * Complete Ready to Install Fountain Kit The Blue Thumb Watershed Cascade Fountain Kit is a trio of angular tall column style faux stones that create a striking skyline. These durable faux boulders are hand…
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  • water column while breaking down the sunken pond muck.Aeration A good pond aerator is also key to pond muck removal. Oxygen is not only good for fish and aquatic life but it also supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the pond. Aeration also prevents thermocline which is when the water column
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