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Water Course

    …of water features this type of pond can make use of any type of decorative pot. Simply place a few potted aquatic plants maybe a fish or two and you are done. Great for decks and patios! Plan Ahead When planning to build your water feature plan for a weekend one preferably without rain of course.
    …a similar purpose. * Aesthetics: Of course aesthetics remain an important reason why folks use dye in their ponds. A crystal blue pond or a rich reflective pond mimics what you'd find in nature. Couple that with a tranquil landscape and you have an attractive water feature that draws oohs and ahhs!
    …surrounding water garden. Through osmosis water is constantly passing through koi's semipermeable skin into their body to equalize these concentrations. Since water is constantly absorbing into their bodies they have to immediately excrete this water to prevent them from bursting. During the course
    …ponds and golf course ponds. This liner is very flexible and cost effective; however it can degrade by sunlight. To protect it the liner should be covered with at least 12 of soft sand or soil. * RPE is more durable due to its reinforcing and is recommended for areas with water activities livestock…
    …Routine The majority of common fish diseases can be prevented with routine maintenance such as partial water changes water testing filtration aeration and of course population control. We recommend to allow no more than 1-2 koi or 2-3 goldfish per 200 gallons of water to keep your ecosystem healthy.
    …your pump & check valve and allow the water to drain from your plumbing and waterfall. For ponds with in-pond filtration or filters containing UV or ion clarifiers disconnect from the plumbing and drain out the water. Step 2 - Lower the Pond's Water Level Now that your filtration system and pump…
    water. Rather than use a sprayer nozzle which can cause a pitted and rough ice from all the water droplets hitting the surface let the water flow directly from the hose and allow it to evenly cover the entire rink. If possible use warm water to flood the area. Just like in a Zamboni the warm water
    course of a year your pond will accumulate debris and organics such as leaves twigs grass clippings and fish waste. Although your filtration system may remove some of this debris the rest will break down into muck and sludge which will release nutrients into the water and may cause algae and water
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