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Water Fall Box

  • The Pond Guy® ClearSpring™ Mini Waterfall Filter


    (3 reviews)

    …weirs are designed to provide a leak proof seal. 1.5 FPT inlets are located on both sides of the waterfall box so plumbing can enter from either side or can be used to join multiple boxes together. The ClearSpring Mini includes pipe thread tape mounting hardware and a barbed hose fitting to…
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  • The Pond Guy® ClearSpring™ Pro Waterfall Filters


    (2 reviews)

    * Add Bio−filtration to Your Pond * Great for Small Ponds * Add the Sound of Falling Water Get biological filtration & add a beautiful waterfall with The Pond Guy® ClearSpring™ Pro Pond Waterfall Filter! The detachable waterfall lip is designed for easy installation and leak…
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    $159.99 - 199.99
  • …you will want to plan on covering your pond in the fall months or consider a kit that includes a skimmer box.The Pond Guy® RapidFlo™ Ecosystem Pond Kit A perfect option if you want to mask nearby noise with the sound of falling water over a large waterfall or stream. The RapidFlo™…
    Water Level Now that your filtration system and pump have been disconnected use a submersible pump and drain hose to lower the pond level below the opening of the skimmer. Next pump the water out of the skimmer box. While it is not necessary to remove skimmers or waterfall boxes from the pond water
  • The Pond Guy® Spring & Fall Fish Food


    (51 reviews)

    …Digestion The Pond Guy Spring & Fall Floating Fish Food contains an easy-to-digest formula for cooler temperatures. This wheatgerm fish food formula is key for transitioning koi and goldfish into and out of this cold weather. The Pond Guy Spring & Fall Floating Fish Food is great for all…
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    $12.99 - 119.99
  • …the water that algae would use for a food source cutting down the chance for algae to grow. The DefensePAC even has a product Seasonal Defense® to use in the early spring and fall when the water is below 50°F. Water Garden Aeration Kits Warm water holds less oxygen than cooler water so…
    After all the planning to create a relaxing waterfall or the water garden of your dreams the last thing you want to do is stare at your filter or UV clarifier. Faux rocks will cover your pond equipment and give your feature a finished look. Besides camouflage these rocks offer protection to keep…
    …to help keep it tidy. In the fall we do not recommend giving your water garden a deep clean unless it really needs it. Problem: Not enough mechanical filtration. Solution: Mechanical filtration helps to remove the excess nutrients from the water column. As the water passes through the filter system…
    …aesthetics. You can even plumb multiple boxes together via FPT inlets located on both sides of the waterfall box. Be sure to select a waterfall filter and not a waterfall spillway. A waterfall spillway simply gives water a place to pool to create an even flow of water and does not provide space to…
  • TetraPond® Waterfall Filter


    (3 reviews)

    * Add the Sound of Falling Water * Add Filtration to Your Pond * Great for Small Water Gardens The TetraPond Waterfall Filter can be installed and blended into your landscape within minutes. The included mesh bag will allow for additional biological and mechanical filtration that is necessary to…
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  • Atlantic® Oasis 16 FilterFalls

    * 2−In−1 Bio Filter & Waterfall Spillway * Built For Ponds Up To 1250 Gallons * Heavy-Duty 1½ Bulkhead The Atlantic 16 Inch FilterFalls is a high quality waterfall filter that is part of the Oasis Series. The Oasis Series offers the same quality and performance as contractor…
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  • Blue Thumb Corner Falls Waterfall Box (formerly PondBuilder™)

    …Corner Falls Waterfall Box helps create a beautiful cascading pondless waterfall or secondary falls to any water feature. The Corner Falls Waterfall Box fits exceptionally well in landscape beds. This is the perfect item for adding a little sound to your indoor or outdoor oasis. The Corner Falls
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