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Water Fall Lights

  • Atlantic Warm White Bar Light 5-Watts

    * Warm White Linear Light Mounts to Any Hard Surface * Designed to Wash Walls Falls and Spillways * Rotates 30° in Either Direction for Versatility Wash walls falls and spillways with the wide 120° beam angle of the Atlantic Warm White Bar Light. Consuming only 5 watts of power consumption…
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  • Blue Thumb 28-Inch Medium Formal Falls

    …* Manufactured in the USA Blue Thumb 28 Medium Formal Falls (formerly PondBuilder) is the perfect solution to add the beauty of a waterfall into a variety of vertical wall applications. Features a large opening for thick showy water and is self-draining so it won't crack in the winter temperatures.…
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  • Atlantic Colorfalls Lighted Waterfall Weir


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    …Sound of Falling Water Atlantic Colorfalls are a perfect fit for formal retaining walls and pond-free applications Atlantic Colorfalls adds a breathtaking new dimension to a water feature - waterfalls with shimmering details in white or blue hues. You'll be able to enjoy the beauty of your lighted
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    $184.99 - 360.99
  • Aquascape AquaBasin 45

    …with larger pumps and is the area is elevated to prevent gravel from falling into the basin during pump maintenance. Drillable Deck Cylinders Drillable deck cylinders across the top of the basin provide endless plumbing and lighting options and keep unsightly cables and plumbing out of sight. The…
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  • Blue Thumb Basin Kit For Medium Formal Falls w/ LED Light

    …for Blue Thumb 28 Formal Falls * Built-In LED Lighting System * No Winterizing Needed The complete Blue Thumb Basin Kits are designed to contain and recirculate water through the 28 Medium Formal Falls (Sold Separately). Great product to compete the formal falls installation in vertical walls.…
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  • Aquascape Large 21' x 26' Pond Kit w/ SLD Pump

    lights can add so much more joy to your new pond. Underwater lights can create a whole new experience by watching fish swim toward the light and view a soft warm white glow under the waterfall. Each kit includes 2 spotlights that can be placed in or out of the water and 1 low-profile accent light
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  • …the lights. Check existing lights to ensure they are shining in the right direction and in working condition. Be sure to clean the lenses and change out any non-working bulbs. This is a great time to add pond lighting or add in additional lights. Check out this article for additional lighting tips:…
    …in the water that algae would use for a food source cutting down the chance for algae to grow. The DefensePAC even has a product Seasonal Defense to use in the early spring and fall when the water is below 50°F. Water Garden Aeration Kits Warm water holds less oxygen than cooler water so making…
    …* Fall - This is prime pond cover net season. When the leaves start changing color pond owners know that they will eventually end up in the water. A large accumulation of debris at the bottom of the pond during winter can be detrimental to fish and overall pond health. Debris left in the water to…
    …to help keep it tidy. In the fall we do not recommend giving your water garden a deep clean unless it really needs it.Problem: Not Enough Mechanical Filtration Solution: Mechanical filtration helps to remove the excess nutrients from the water column. As the water passes through the pond filter…
  • Aquascape AquaBasin 30


    (No Reviews)

    …endless lighting port configurations while reinforcing strength. Corner Access Panel Pump and valve controls are easy to access for maintenance and adjusting water flow due to the large corner pump access panel. The panel fits larger pumps and sits elevated to prevent gravel from falling into the…
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  • …in the late fall and early winter the water on the surface of your lake or pond loses its heat and becomes heavier. This cold heavy water sinks to the bottom while the warmer water from the bottom rises to the top and cools. The cycling process continues until the overall water temperature reaches…
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