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Water Feature Cleaner

  • The Pond Guy® FeatureClear™ Water Feature Cleaner


    (14 reviews)

    …Keep Water Features Clean Keep your fountain or small water feature clear of organic debris and dirty water with The Pond Guy® FeatureClear™ liquid beneficial bacteria. FeatureClear™ contains a highly concentrated fast acting formula designed to work in small water features fountains…
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  • The Pond Guy® FeatureFix™ Water Feature Cleaner


    (5 reviews)

    …that form in water features and fountains with The Pond Guy FeatureFix. Highly concentrated active ingredients ensure visible results in as little as 48 hours. FeatureFix is not recommended in water that contains fish invertebrates or crustaceans. Keep your fountain water feature or birdbath clean…
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  • …into your pond. * Limitations of Water Features – Most water gardens rely solely on waterfalls fountains or spitters to circulate and aerate the water. These units can be effective; however they are only adding oxygen to the top portions of the water. This leaves many areas of the pond…
    …using 90 degree turns which can cause friction and slow down your water flow. * Flexible PVC Tubing - Ideal for water features with larger pumps as it available in 1-1/2 to 4 sizes. This type of tubing is quite durable can have water in it year-round without damage from freezing temperatures and can…
    …Used to reduce the water coming over your feature if the flow rate is a bit higher than you would like. Use cation if you add a ball valve as reducing the flow rate can put extra back pressure on your pump. The best option is to size a pump that best fits your feature. If you are in the market…